1st time grow, switching from veg to flower

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  1. Hello fellow cultivators, this is my first indoor grow, indica strain (perfect purple) dont know if its an actual strain, since ive haven't been able to find it on the web? I'm using two 26w (2700l), 4gal pot, ocean forest soil (Fox farm), and have been feeding her ph balanced water (distiled h2o from CVS). Got her when she was 9 days old as a clone from my local dispensary (12/11/2012). She's been under 18/6 since i put her in
    the pot. I will be switching from 18/6 to 12/12 today and wanted to know if i could give her nutrients yet? she's about 9''-10'' tall, today she turns 2 weeks and half old. If anyone could give me some tips on switching from veg to flower at this age, i would really appreciated.

    THANK YOU EVERYONE, pics will be up soon! :)

  2. if the roots have established themselves, you could start at 1/4 strength. if you're farther along than that, ease into 1/2 after a week or so.
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  4. What do you mean if they have established? How would I tell if so?
  5. those plants look plenty big enough for full strength nutes to me.
  6. Great! Thank you. I went ahead and gave her only 1/2 a tbsp of big bloom with a gallon of distilled water, I also went ahead and topped her, hopefully she keeps growing healthy. Here's some new pictures.



  7. On the right track man! Looks healthy! I usually flush my soil after feeding and before turning to flower on next watering. Might wanna try that too.
  8. Can I get thru the flowering stage w/ the same CFL lights I currently have running? (3- 26w cfls) I will add more as she gets bigger, but I read about using cool white cfls? Thank you guys, merry Xmas!
  9. veg = 6500ks flower = 2700ks if u have x3 26w 2700s thats fine. one more would be nice.. 100 actual watts per plant is what I go by, or minimum 6,000 lumens overall.
  10. Great! Thank you for the quick reply, I will be posting more pics as she gets bigger.
  11. Not a problem, Ill be watching. What is your medium? Ive strictly only ever done dirt FFOF.
  12. Same here, that's what I'm using now.
  13. I fed her nutes for the first time 2 days ago, at 1/4 the strength, big bloom, I will be buying grow big next week or sooner, should I just do ph balanced water? I'm gonna feed her today. Here she is at 3 weeks old.

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  14. yes just use ph balanced water today. Once her ph is right she can enjoy the tasty nutes you gave her. I notice my plants take off after the first watering after first feeding.
  15. So far she's doing great, going on 5th day of flowering. Here's a few pics of her from 2 days ago.

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  17. CFL's are economical, and I know that you can get results.. but when you do get the funds, I would upgrade to a small HPS, or add a LED UFO with more of a red spectrum in with your CFL's. There is more usable light from both of these, albeit they are quite a bit more money. But due to the time invested, your yield, and quality will increase with better lighting. just my opinion
  18. Is the UFO red s. For all stages of life or just flowering?
  19. Dont bother with LED. Too pricey for the result. Get the small 250w HPS witha dimmable switchable ballast. u dont need the mh right now, but it will b good for future grows. HIDs with high PAR (photosynthetic available radiation) bulbs can do alot better than any other light around
  20. Why do people flower at 9-10 inches? Youre only doing one right? I would have lst'd that little guy. And vegged way longer. The plant will still stay short and you'd have a way better yeild

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