1st time grow.. some help!

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  1. hey guys!
    this is my first grow.. so quite inexperienced!
    Ive got a bubble gum seed all the way from Amsterdam so i cant screw it up!

    At the moment about 1 week 5 days old.. barely any leaves which are small yellowing and started drying out!

    I only started using nutrients 2 days ago(baby bio original) i gave it just 3 drops

    Ive got a regular phillips energy saver(220v) going 17hrs on 7 off
    Watering about every 2 days

    could be it needs better air circluation?
    Any suggestions are much appreciated!

    Here are some pics:
    -1st just after couple of days
    -2nd one just taken today at 1week 5 days.. thers not much difference!

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  2. is regular table water good?
  3. First off seedlings don't need nutes. You are running the risk of burning em early. Also get it into a pot that isn't clear because exposing roots to light isn't the best idea. Water only when the soil really needs it, cannabis prefers a nice dry period. Maybe move your light a bit closer it looks kinda stretched, what kind of light is it? also if you use tap water, let it sit out for 24 hours to let the chemicals evaporate out of it. Good luck!
  4. the bulb is phillips 14W cfl stick.
    yes i think i might have started nut burning it already! what shall i do?
    the water im currently using is table water.. now reading the back it seems very acidic giving a scale of 6.5-9.5!
    is normal distilled water better or shall i use tap water not knowing the ph level?
  5. Hey i'm a first time grower also - check out my thread 'CFL's burnt my leaves'.

    So far I've tried to plant 4 seeds.

    The first one had 2 leaves then died. Problem was not enough air circulation, and heat from bulbs that weren't a) in the right spectrum, and b) not enough wattage.

    The second went in pretty much the same way, and in fact germed ok, but didn't grow at all. Problem - the grow room was too hot (situated above a boiler tank in a cupboard).

    The third I wanted growth very quickly, and so added nutes while it was still a seedling. It burnt up and died.

    The most recent, and final one - was left completely alone for over 3 weeks. I watered it well, and had a screwcap water distributer (off ebay, like $5), which I screwed onto the end of a 2L bottle full of regular tap water and stuck into the soil. Sorted out a fan, made some holes in the pot for airflow, and got myself a 45W CFL for about $15.

    Left the plant, came back and had some nice growth, and so far shes doing ok!

    See the before and after pics in my thread. I rekon for a first time grow I just tried to do too much... lesson I've learnt is, sometimes less is more.


    good luck!
  6. What do you mean with the right light spectrum?
    thanks for the answers
  7. Hey,

    Vegetation growth takes place best at 6400K, and flowering is best at 2700K.

    Thats the temperature of the color emitted by the bulb, and hence relates to the frequency absorbed by the leaves. Most CFL bulbs state this when you buy it.

    I'm a noob too, my first grow, but reading basic grow guides is real helpful.
  8. That light isn't going to be enough for that plant. As far as the mute burn I'd say flush the soil to get rid of the remaining nutes in the soil but I'm not sure how a seedling that young would handle it. Just give it plain water that you let sit out for 24 hours before for atleast a good 2-3 weeks. And look into getting a better light. You get out of it what you put into it. Gl!
  9. "Ive got a bubble gum seed all the way from Amsterdam so i cant screw it up!"
    Too late for that, you are a prime example of what NOT TO DO.

    1. re pot the plant in to some high quality soil. using a light proof container (not a see thu pot)
    2. Dont add any more ferts.
    3. go spend 20$ on lights, get a 2 pack of each spectrum (6400K and 2700K cfl)
    4. get a slight breeze going (small fan)
    5. DONT plant anything else until you have spent some time reading the sticky threads


  10. i agree with Gummby..... im also a newb but before I do anything i review the threads on here. they answer my questions 85% of the time

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