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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by xvlilxjessivx, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. I am the caregiver to a medical patient. His card allows for 6 flowering plants and 19 veg./clones/mother plants. I would like to set up a 8ft long x 3ft deep x 6ft tall grow area. Would this be suitable to accomodate all of the plants his card would allow? I was thinking of getting the plants on a cycle so that I have atleast 12 in veg. at all times so that when my girls that are flowering are harvested I can move 6 more immediatly to flower. So.... here are my questions.....

    What would be the best way to set up my remaining 19 plants; how many mother plants, clones and vegetating plants should I have?

    If I go with these dimensions how should I split the room for veg and flower, not how will I build a wall, but what should the dimensions be for each side?

    I already have 2 48in shop light ballasts that each hold 2 40 w t-12 bulbs (4850 lumens per ballast), I also have a 23 w Red CFL and a 23 w Blue CFL. I know I will need a lot more light, and would like to avoid HPS and MH bulbs (heat, price, electricity), how can I do this and how much more light do I need?

    I have considered mylar, paint and that shower liner/dry erase board stuff to make the walls more reflective, which would be the best option?

    I plan on adding an exhaust and intake to each side of my grow space, I have heard that installing bathroom exhaust fans does not remove enough of the hot air, which are the best fans for exhaust and intake?

    SORRY there are so many questions, I just want to do this the right way. I will post pics as I build so that I can get some better adivce and you can see how it's coming.
  2. Forgot to mention: I want to grow in soil, what would be the best mix?

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