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1st time grow just gone 12/12 chocolope kush/sour kush/x5 skunk of some sort

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Ilovechocolope, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Well this is my grow set up 2 months into it from seed of the 2 larger plants is chocolope it is biggest followed by sour kush then the 5 clones. My tent is 1.2m squared n 2 high
    Just switched to 12/12 yesterday n give dem a 1/4 bloom feed today

    The tent set up is a power plant 250w hps



    Chocolope kush



    Sour kush


  2. interesting strains i would like to see how they turn out and how much they stretch over the next few weeks. i cant help but notice they are looking a little over watered and maybe a tad burnt other than that tent looks like it will fill up nicely :) keep it up!
  3. and i have to say wtf is up with that sour kush them some big arsed leafs! next to that coke bottle lol
  4. Subbed, looks like a nice grow
  5. Was thinking that bout the water but when i do there dry, but I think they shall recover from the nute burn n over water I just need to member less is more sometimes
    for 1st month they had a weak light which I corrected n they bounced into life.

    The sour kush took longer than the choco to get moving along n I could of introduced fert earlier, this my first grow n ive learn about a millions things lol

    I got the clones 2 weeks or maybe 3 ago,

    Been on 24/0 for the 2 months of veg even with the wrong light

    Think that's about everything up to now

    Ill post a photo or 2 every couple days any input from any1 with exp in grows is appreciated so check back I plan to keep this journal till the end of my grow.... I won't harvest n not tell my yield or disappear just b4. Unless less the worst was to happen..... Pigs
  6. Sub'd 4 sure :smoking:
  7. its all good experience! I'm sure you will get some nice buds to smoke at the end of it and more importantly you will learn what not to do again :D
  8. My timer switch has failed to be turning my light off its broke but I got a new one so flowering cycle will be starting tomorrow 6am to 6pm 1st dark period
  9. lol yeah that's happened to me twice. I invested in a really good 1 now i dont worry so much :)
  10. It's a good idea to always have a spare of everything =) Is why I have bought more pumps, timers, and bulbs. Not because I need them now but I don't want to wait for shipping and I am a cheap ass so don't wanna buy from my expensive hydro store unless an emergency =)
  11. Well I got a new timer sooner than thought so never effected anythin I think, but it don't feel like it could be near the end of day 6 but days fly by, got a thermometer min/max n humidity today plus a timer for my extractor fan which I have running 12 for light n 15min by 15min gaps during its dark to hopefully keep temps from dropping to low. I raised the 5clones up abit as there smaller than the 2 from seeds

    And all females I think here's pic

    New layout will be adding net as soon as I get one


    Sour kush


    Chocolope kush






  12. todays update day 5 of flower
    i was high last night n numbers r confusing while high, well kinda day 5 with the timers having messed me about but ive figured it all out now, so hopefully a clean 12/12 cycle now, um will ave a max and min temps and humidity tomorrow n then figure out how to control it,

    lights are on basic 12/12 cycle
    fan on all time lights r then off time every 15 min

    ive been thinking off adding some bottle of water to any space i have under the clones shelf to hopefully act a as temp buffer kinda thing cause i know its cold during the dark cycle like it maybe drops to 13 Celsius and seems to be running round 22/23 during light times,

    or this like electric radiator outside the tent on a time cycle to boost the dark temps

    tomorrow will tell

    also feed the girls today 1/2 strength bloom fert
    i have a bloom booster but something tells me im not to use it till bout 3 weeks befor i stop ferts for final week or 2 prior to harvest or till i see some flowers/buds growing
  13. also removed the yellow/brown/sickly leaves today
  14. you could have a phosphorous deficiency with them red stems other than that looking good :D
  15. how do i fix that?

    its only the clones that have it,

    they are apparently from a 10yr old mother(sumkind of skunk)
  16. awesome :D 10 yrs old must be a damm bonzi tree! erm lets see . . . Bone meal and rock phosphate are typical sources. If you can find them, fish bone meal and soy husks are other good sources sure you can get it from a garden center or similar :)
  17. I don't own the mother or know the guy who's kept her alive all these yrs but my house mate knows him (he's a secretive guy), he says he says the stem is like the thickness of a closed fist, we swapped him 1 chocolope kush female seed for 5 clones, ill tri get the strain of the skunks tomorrow I've been told b4 but I only member the skunk bit,
  18. They've always had that red look to there stems, I assumed it was just the strain
  19. some strains do have reddish :) just thought i would point it out just in case as it never hurts to know these things! See some of my C99 has red stems and some dont that made me think deficiency . . i only have tomato feed so they gonna have to suffer till next payday
  20. Sayin they came like this from a guy from what ive gathered knows what he's at I'm gonna guess there just like that... But noted for the future grows

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