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  1. hey all im doing my 1st grow with auto flower la diva and pinapple express they are about 2 weeks from seed with the 1 la diva dark green pinapples are bright green im running a 600 w hps 18-6 hours pictures to come soon please get me some help on here all is appreciated
  2. What grow medium? How often are you watering?

    Its important to know that difference strains do different thing and may look different. They are.. different strains :)
  3. im just using a pre mix from local flower store and watering each day when the lights go on and off do you know what they like i know the la diva is blueberry dominant
  4. Hiya Blue!

    Welcome to GC, and congrats on your first grow! Starting with autos is a great idea! I'd suggest that you make sure that your soil doesn't have any time release nutrients in it. It's easy to over fertilize your plants, and will be next to impossible to flush in the final days.

    Keep in mind that autos prefer not to be transplanted, and like deep containers. Because they grow from seed, they'll have a long tap root.

    You're about 2 weeks in, you should notice each plant changing sex. When you do, make a note of the day you see first signs. This is the first day of flowering. Keep track of which day each plant is on, so you can track progress, and use it as a reference if you grow that strain again, next time.

    And post pics, we love pics!
  5. how will i know when they have sexed? these are femenized so i dont have to worry about pulling them
  6. heres the pic the 1st is the la diva nad the last 2 are the pinapple express

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  7. It will take a few weeks still before you will be able to determine sex, but if they are feminized then I guess you already know they are female.
  8. Just because they're feminized doesn't mean they're 100% guaranteed to be female, and doesn't mean they can't hermie on you, too.

    That said, you'll notice it when two little "hairs" grow out of each internode. Should be around two weeks in, or after the 4-5th set of branches.

    You'll want to keep track of that day, and the number of days into flower.
  9. thanks for all the great info guys as you can see they are just starting there 4 set of leaves so hopefully see it soon?
    are there any nutes that yall suggest more than others i have yet to add any since i didnt know which ones to ad?
    how high should the light be from the plants its about 15 inches right now?
    what is the prefered ph of these plants??
  10. Correct, but im trying not to freak this guy out. Growing should be fun and he will stress out if you make it seems like theyre all going to turn male / hermie if he doesnt do everything exactly right! There is a good chance they will stale female.

    Growing is only as complicated as you make it, and if youre not into a grow $4k, then dont worry about it so much :)
  11. just went and checked and one of the pinapple express has sprouted pistles :) they are 11 days old from sproting ground
  12. PICTURE update please... super eager to see whats going on.
  13. they are asleep right now ill go take pictures when they come back on
    they are 16 days old and are showing great progress
    does anybody have a prefered nutrient mix used for autos? im going to need to start adding them next week since they are about to flower

  14. Stupid question but how did you germ them? I'm doing paper towel method but I hate to do that. I am going to drop in soil manana. Plus la diva looks so gooood. Gonna follow you along if ya don't mind
  15. i started them out with paper towls in zip lock bagies to keep it more humid. then when i was trying to get them to go above ground i just put them in a dark warm place till they sprout and then move them to light
    what kind of light are you using i burned 2 giving them to much light to early

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