1st time grow 3 plants 4 23w CFLs and 2 15w need advice n stuff

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Geencie, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. i have 3 plants idk what strains they are they all look completely different from each other all in veg idk how long tho i forgot :p i had to turn off most of the lights to take the pics. i think the one in the pot was sick but its recovering. oh and im growing them with miracle grow :p

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  2. What are your questions. And did u sex the plants yet?
  3. well i just want to know if they are doing good and i dont know if they are male or female and also the big one in the pot is really droopy idk if its sick or something i think its because when i put it in the big pot I accidentally ripped of some roots but that was like a week ago so im not sure if thats why
  4. They look like they need a transplant. The droopy one just needs a light like 2 inches above it and it will stretch back out. Be careful about over watering as well.
  5. I think i over watered it xP but i moved the light on top of it a little farther away and now the light is touching more of the plant thanks :) and also idk if they are indica or sativa or mix or something waht do they look like they are ?
  6. I can't really tell man. But u are def gonna need a couple more CFLs in there too. Probably like 2 more 55watts. That will perk them all up. And stop using miracle grow
  7. yea im only have them in miracle grow cuz i cant find anywhere tht sells fox farms soil near here and its cheap. in like 2 weeks ill get the soil and the lights but theyll be for a new plant that im gonna grow
  8. Cheapest u will find it is online.. Will definitely need more light.. Check ebay.. I jus got a 400w HPS for 100$
  9. Look into using coco the stuff is great doesn't retain nutrients so u can basically force feed them also hold water and air better... Should check out my journal bro there's a lot of great info in there... The one labeled ice bomb

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