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  1. Hey guys so I am new to FOX FARM nutrients. I am gonna be using them on a current grow that is now starting VEG. I have the Fox Farm Soluble Tri Pack and the Fox Farm Soil Nutrient Trio.... My question is if I am on the first week of VEG how should I use..... and second question would be how hard is it to balance out the PH when mixing..... like with my old nuts it was easy to balance out with a few drop here and there up/down depending on what it was.... how is the up/down for FOX FARM is it easy to balance out or is it hard thanks again just trying to get an idea cause I have the ph UP/DOWN test kit but not a digital reader..... thanks GC:confused:


  2. hey gixxerboy(like the name i got a gsxr 2)..you do not want to use the fox farm nutes you first week of veg you should wait till you have atleast 3 sets of branches.if you use it now you will most likely burn her..i am not too sure of the ph adjustments it really depends on what kind of water you are using.hope this helps...
  3. flush the shit out of the soil if you want to use it for seedlings.

    i used jiffy miracle grow its the best as theres barely any nutes and is full of perlite.

    or use peat moss pellets THE best in my opinion.
  4. They are good I am calling its the 1st day of veg...... They are actually 3weeks from seed today.... I was just seeing what the PH adjustment was like when mixing FF thanks
  5. hey gixer boy..i just made a gallon to feed my plants if you are 3 weeks into veg then you should be using the nutes..after i mixed my 1 table spoon of grow big and 2 tea spoons of tiger bloom my ph came out to around 6.0 as my soil ph is to low i need my ph up around 7 so i added about a tablespoon +/- of ph up to bring my ph to 7.0 so itz not to bad to adjust more annoying then anything

  6. Going to make the first feed friday. I plan on using 1 gallon distilled for water and then mix the nuts in then check ph, and adjust from there. It will be new to me using fox farm line up. Not sure if i ever checked my ph level of my soil can u explain what u mean and how u do so. Thanks

  7. Well you need to know the ph of your soil just the same as you need to know the ph of your hydro solution. Just like there are hydro/water PH testers, there are soil ones as well. You can get the probe for the soil and check your PH....or you can water your plant and then check the run-off for its ph.

    But all in all if your plants are not having problems, and EVERYTHING you put in the soil has a ph of 6.5 - 7, you should be fine. Ive known growers who have NEVER checked there soil ph and they do extremely well. They only concentrate on the ph of whatever it is they are giving to the plants.

    Not saying you should do it this way----but it seems to work for lots of people. You know what they say..."If it aint broke, dont fix it"

  8. :smoke:
    Hey bro thanks for the advice and help, got a new thread going with some good strains and some pics u should check it out thanks again =)
  9. I use the Fox Farms line up myself(along with the Ocean Forest soil) and have to say I think its a great lineup. I started my plants off at 1/2 dose first watering then moved it up to full dose. I used nutes EVERY watering and never had a problem with nute burn. My water ph from tap is right around 7.2(I let it sit out for a couple days so the chlorine disperses), when I add the nutes it usually brings the ph down to around 6.0 so you will probably have to adjust up but its not hard to adjust. I follow Fox Farms feeding schedule, except, like I stated earlier, I feed every watering(which is usually once a week) Good luck with your grow. :D

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