1st Time DWC grow

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    Hey starting this a little take BUT o well ive grown in soil a few time. This is my first DWC grow tho so might aswell do a journal incase I run into trouble. heres the first week after puting into the DWC
    Room Temp - 69-80
    outside air in from window with intake fan and took into lower part of house to keep me warm with exaust fan untill i need to add the carbon filter.
    DWC buckets water temp- 60-70 gets to 72 but not often I add a frozen water when get to that and drop it back to atleast 69
    400w MH for Veg and HPS for Flower (also 2 plants in soil this is just mainly for my first dwc tho)
    Pump - 20 gal pump
    1 1/2 inch up the net pot
    Useing - "The Recipe For Sucess" nuits
    Ph - stays inbetween 5.5-6.5 but I try to keep at 5.8
    Sorry for variation in pictures.


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  2. Looking good!

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    Upgraded pump a little while ago to a 80 gal + my 20 gal ( total of 3 airstones also) and now haveing a tiny bit of drooping in the leafs anyidea what from anyone?

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    Day 9 in DWC IMG_20141111_242649_630.jpg , Shot of the roots IMG_20141111_242716_731.jpg and also a question I found thos little roots in my res floating is that normal or is something wrong? IMG_20141111_242744_980.jpg THANKS! also ignore the ashtray made of ducting tape I have a problem...
  5. last 2 days

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