1st stealth grow..help??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Stoogemeister, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, this is my first grow ever and im going to attempt to use a little dresser that i have and use it at a stealth grow box.
    The dimensions are 18'' tall, 16'' long/deep, and 18'' wide.
    I just have a few questions, how many plants could i possibly grow inside this box assuming that i start 12/12 flowering almost right after they sprout and such? Whats the cheapest light or lights i should get that would be able to support say 2 plants? Also, how much would it smell after a while and if i do LST with my 2 plants, how much could i expect to harvest roughly?? :smoke:
  2. you have to grow them till there atleast a foot tall before 12/12 but if you buy two cfl light bulbs (the squiggly kind. not the tube) then you should be getting it off the ground pretty quick
  3. Alright and will it be tough to pull of doing LST with my first ever plants?
  4. LST shouldn't be that tough. This is my first grow as well, and im waiting for my plants to sprout and I will be doing an LST grow as well. There's an "LST how-to" stickied somewhere on here... find it and read up its very helpful
  5. I think you will have big challenges trying to grow for the very first time in 18" of height. That height includes the height of your pot up to the soil line, vertical space for your lights, and some air space between your plants and lights. You certainly cannot follow bendemon's advice to grow the plants at least a foot in that space. You definitely need to try LST or scrog in that space or you shouldn't even start the grow.

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