1st "Soiless" Organic Grow NEED HELP!!

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What is your preference for media for cannabis grown indoors tent grow style ?

  1. Soil Organic

  2. Soiless Organic

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  1. What's going down community,
    So I'm prepping my Soiless media right now getting it all amended and all that, I had a small emergency happen that tapped into my available funds for this grow so I got stuck in-between adding and mixing it all together, having to wait almost 2 weeks before being able to finally finish this recipe and go on from there...
    All right I have some questions I need help getting answered before I can resume everything. Question 1: I purchased a plastic bin for storage with lid dark gray no translucent clips on shut. I dumped 5 gal of Promix HP M, added perlite/vermiculite mix(small 2 qt bag), 3,4 TBSP/gal of Gaia Green Organics All Purpose 4-4-4 and 2,3 TBSP/gal of Gaia Green Organics Bloom 2-6-4, 2 qt of Premium Biochar, and I lightly misted and mixed in using Distilled water pH'd at 6.4.
    I couldn't finish and have had to wait almost 2 weeks before I can add the rest and water. In the meantime I have been coming up to it and mixing it all up thoroughly using small gardening shovel, and than I clamp lid shut. I keep bin indoors not in any direct light or heat. However I didn't drill holes at the bottom or anywhere else for that matter, and I have technically watered, so condensation has built up on sides which I smack outside and than mix in. When I went to go mix in remaining dry ingredients, I noticed 2 or 3 very small patches on almost translucent hair growing from my mix, which I believe is mildew or mold right ? I tried removing what I could, and than mixed everything up, wiped the sides off with paper towel and placed lid on top not clamping shut.
    I am worried is that bad. I know with coffee grounds you wanna get that really built up in there and it benefits your grow but I don't know about now. Does any one have any thing they can say to assist me with this? Is this growth mildew or mold and is it harmful or beneficial? Should there be drain holes in my storage bin? Do I clamp lid shut sealing it when not using media or just place lid down allowing it to dry out? Plz let me know. I really appreciate it. Lool forward to reading soon.
  2. Soil less = organic mater= nutrients.
    DIRT =Minerals ADD DIRT .
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  3. the condensation is from your mix cooking, it is fine, take a handful of your soil and squezze it in your hand, there should just be the sign of water coming threw your fingers, not much but just enough to notice there is, if it is your doing good, if it is to much stop watering the soil, keep mixing daily like you are, but dont add water.
    the hair you speek of most likely is mycelium, good stuff , without pics just guessing though
  4. One of the ingredients of your Promix HP M is "Endomycorrhize". I'm assuming that's what the M stands for. They're beneficial microorganisms that breakdown organic matter and help your plant absorb nutrients. It's growing now because you've provided it with food in the form of organic amendments. Nothing to worry about.

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