1st smoke n months

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Apez, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Well yeah...i hadn't smoked since christmas, bout 3 months...I was jones'n for some herb...i have my

    MM card so I went and bought some....know i don't know how to feel??....kinda bad cause i caved...i

    didn't need it but whatever....3 months was a good T break and that first hit knocked me on my

    ass..virgin lungs haha ...im conflicted.
  2. love that first high after a tbreak.
  3. hell ya imma go for a month t break
  4. Smokin after a tbreak is always good
  5. were you trying to quit for good? What's there to be conflicted about? Sounds like you had a good high

  6. Not quit for good...It started as just a break, but i felt better with out weed...more time to

    play bball and hang with my brothers...I was taking better care of myself you know eating

    right, more exercise. Not saying weed is gonna stop all my progress but still..
  7. Thats cool that you got to toke up op im smokin my last bowl and a 1/2 right now.
  8. Just smoke when you aint busy, and dont break plans to smoke
  9. I am starting a tbreak today but I'd just like to suggest to you that although you "caved" you can still be the improved you and smoke. The only differece between you then before it and you now is the self-improvement and the self-motivation you used to impliment the changes.

    Now you're just a better toker :smoke:
  10. I'm taking a forced break on may 28th only for 2 weeks but any break is a good break. Don't revolve your life around cannabis, revolve cannabis around your life, If you do that it won't interupt your other plans. Like I only smoke at nights during the week because of work

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