1st small outdoor grow log. Himalaya Gold.

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    4 plants, 3 popped so far, its been about 10 days since planted.
    I think they're in pretty good health.
    No ferts as the soil is custom made and fully organic and has a shit load of nutrients.
    Ill take advice & feedback , positive and negative.

    (May 24th ) UPDATE :

    Every monday I will be posting pictures.

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  2. Looks good man. keep us updated and I would put some kinda little fencing or something around the whole pot and plant seeing they are so small right now to keep rodents away. Squirrls and rabbits feast on the stuff dude so if you have squirrls where you live I would suggest doing that. I allways take my fencing away from my young ladies when they are about 1 and 1/2 feet tall. When they are this big the rodents don't seem to bother it so much. Well sorry for rambeling so much I hope this helps and good luck on your grow, Peace.
  3. can wait too see how they do! :D

  4. Thank you .. but I'm growing on an apartment balcony.. do i really need fencing ?
  5. LOL no man I wouldn't think you need fenceing on a balcony.Unless u have stoner monkeys where u live.Look go so far rep+
  6. Lol, no stoner monkeys.
    One of the plants developed a brand new set of leaves.
  7. Update :

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