1st serious indoor grow: grand master kush

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  1. howdy all from the midwest. so im a novice grower but i usually grow out side. infact i have a harvest coming up in 3 weeks!:hello: ive tried some stealth grows at my college but it has been too risky so i bailed on it and moved them outside and then later got eatn by deer. but my buddy got a zone of some grand daddy kush and found 3 seeds in it and gave them to me to grow, i was gona wait til next season but a nother buddy of mine came to me about setting him up a grow room and teaching him how to grow and he has a great room for it so im thinking about germing 2 kush seeds and 3 seeds out of some killer dro i had and growing in this guys room as payment for equipment and teaching him. so heres my set up:

    room: 4x6x9
    lights:12 daylight cfls (6500k) for veg
    12 soft white cfls (2700k) for flowering
    soil:top soil- 75%
    pots:2 gallon
    germination: peet pellets
    mirical grow (until i can go to the hydro store and get ff nutes)

    extras: -10 in ocilating fan
    -small space heater
    -2 pv cells per plant for electrical stimulation (look it up under advanced growing
    -i also plan on building a co2 spray system out of pvc pipe and a paintball co2
    -and also i am going to buy a big bucket of that valcano gel shit that keeps the
    smell down, cuz im gona need it. haha

    im going shopping tomorrow to buy half of the stuff and also plan on germing 2moro:hello:
    i will keep posting updates every week or so wish me luck haha
  2. High, everything looks good except for the MG. Love the strain! Your set-up sounds good to me otherwise. Good Luck! :wave:
  3. so what is your opinion on the PV cells?

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