1st real grow and scrog

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Fhopes182, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. Your plants look very nice. Good luck.
  2. Thank you, I'll keep posting updates. Hopefully it continues to go smoothly. I definitely hit the research button on GC for this adventure.
  3. Hey Fhopes182 you almost look like you have the same setup tentwise as me and scrog screen.
    Have you flicked to 12/12 flower yet? Make sure you tuck at least once under screen about 4 to 5 days of first week of flower.

    I've doing Dutch Passion Passion Fruit and Night Queen in a scrog currently.
  4. Looking good! Will get real busy in there once she starts the stretch so leave a little room before you switch
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  5. I had flipped to 12/12 about a week before taking those pics. Here are the girls today. They definitely put on a little height. Thanks for all the kind words guys. IMG_20170720_221732140.jpg IMG_20170720_221732140.jpg IMG_20170720_221931328.jpg

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  6. @gingerb that passion fruit looks like something I'd definitely be interested in, let us know how she turns out.
  7. They look good, yep am hoping the passion fruit has a good citrus orange taste. As I was gonna grow out orangebud. See pics below these are finishing 3 week of flower today.


  8. Those look really good how long did you veg for? I'm thinking of growing orange cookies next to get a strong citrus flavor in the arsenal.
  9. Looking great. Good luck!
  10. Thanks bro, hopefully it continues to go smooth.
  11. From the looks of your canopy, you should have a tent full of colas.
  12. Yeah I counted 25 main colas, I definitely didn't clean it up enough. There is going to be some larf for sure. Lessons learned for the next one though.
  13. What's up guys, just a little update. They are now 23 days into flower, I think lol. There was a slight PH issue but it should be fixed now. Tell me what you think.
  14. what was the ph issue. You are using FFFO right? Soil and ph issues?
  15. Subbed looks great
  16. I hadn't been checking the runoff, when I did it was at 6.0. I was able to get the run off back up to 6.5. And yeah using ffof
  17. What's up GC just a little update, the girls are 7 weeks into flower, so we're getting close. Any advice on when I should chop would be great I'm thinking next week. IMG_20170818_081203576.jpg IMG_20170818_081203576.jpg IMG_20170823_214808741_HDR.jpg IMG_20170824_224122093.jpg IMG_20170826_225258923_HDR.jpg IMG_20170818_081139445.jpg IMG_20170823_214808741_HDR.jpg IMG_20170818_081203576.jpg

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