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1St RaNT

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DaZEED&ConFuseD, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. man i havnt been this blown in such a long fuckin.......... time....... it seems so far......away..... but o well. My ngiht started off pretty tight.... me and a friend bought a bottle 200ml bottle of southern comfort and mixed DAt shizzle w/some coca-cola. We were sippin going to this friends house in da ghetto cuz his parents werent home....... and they had........ 250 jello shots..........we were on that shit soooooo quick.... they had green,yellow, blue, and MY favorite red. Our HiGh SChoOL has like this frat and they were throwing dis party at this club and us teenagers got to drink at da bar. So we went there but some complications came up....... and we were like "Holy shit fuck cock butter batman!" We were debating to go in or not but i had to piss like mothaFing russian race horse but i coulDnt buz like there were so many pPLs around us... we were like "COck shit!!" so we left and saw these fuckin pothead bitches so we gave a holla and went to go smoke wit dem hos. We went to the fucking forest and had a trail down into like a FUCKING DEAD VOLCANO! it was kinda freaky..... me all being shitfaced. HOWEVER, one of dem hos was loading the bowl and fucking tippped the WEED over....... about a gram of some nice hydro that i wanted to smoke so fricking bad that i wanted to slap my momma, but not really . WE looked and they were like fuck dat shit, we'll go get some more. This girl had a dealer brother so we went to his apartments and they bought an 1/8 of this really dank ass pine forest smelling nice greenary..damn it was good weed. So we went back down into the VOLCANO and my friend j/bought a glass pipe that looks like SHERLOCKs pipe and we loaded a fat bowl and smoked in the VOLCANO......... but the really fun came when iwas riding home......... w/mi amigo. We stopped at JACk n the Crack to get our Grub on. WE ordered our food and these black ladies were laughing behind us we were like............... shieetttttttttttttt......... so we pulled and paid and were waiting on our food. We see in the street ahead, the busy street ahead of us an old car is driving on the wrong side of the road,no bullshit!!!!! Then I looked behind me and saw a black guy in a yellow shirt, yelling " AH SHIT", and closing his hood. Our car windows were rolled down, in an all black area, and i yelled, "HOLY SHIT! A BLACK PERSON IS BEHIND US!" My friend turned like fucking white and looked all around him... and me realizing what ive done..... i sit there and laugh so hard for 5 minutes. Me and my friend sat there laughing for like forever and we got our food left.......... this night has been so weird. Damn.The END P.S. SORRy for any typos made on my part because i cant spell and i hav bad grammer! AND ALSo i've drunk and stoned off my ass!!!! peace
  2. haha im too stoned to fkin read that alL! urcrazy!

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