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  1. hey all, i just registered with your site, nice layout. Anyway, my name is jon and i live in palm desert, CA

    so here is my problem:

    ive been smoking pot for a few years now. and last month i aquired a medicinal card. over the past week or two my "feeling high" has changed and now i get weird headahces and pressure in my head. I only buy top grade bud and 80% of the time smoke out of a iced waterbong. ive used the search but have yet to find a solution.

    - TigerZ
  2. buy different weed?

    thats really all i can think of man.
  3. ive thought about that, but i buy a different strand every week.
  4. hi :wave:

    i smoke mainly "shwag" (and i'm damn proud.)

    every now and then i'll get to smoke nice high quality bud. when i do, i'll get the same type of feeling in my head you described. headache, pressure in my skull. maybe the bud you aquired before was of slightly less quality than the bud you're getting with you med card, and that's why you're getting these headaches. just a suggestion :confused_2: maybe you could do a little experiement to see if this might be what's causing this..smoke some bud of lesser quality, see how you feel. then a day or two later smoke some of the best you can get your hands on, see how you feel.
  5. ive tried 3 different strands this WEEK and one was hash. same feeling

    and it sucks cause it really takes my high away fast
  6. try smoking a sativa strain i find that the indica strains do my head in also
  7. strains dude, its strains
  8. Maybe try eating it.
  9. also dont put ice in your bong, just cold water.
    ice could retain some of the THC of your stash sending more CBN to your brain, causing headachs.
    if none of this works, try a joint.
  10. Strains high in CBD and CBN are supposed to contribute to headaches.

    I personally think its from smoking waay too much weed in a perticular time frame.

    The headaches you experience are similar to my own, and whenever i feel the 'pressure' coming on, i stop smoking immediately and eat + drink lots of fruit and water to replace the vast amounts of vitamin C you lose during smoking!

    Within a few hours, i will feel fine again, but i wont smoke anymore weed until the following day, as the headache will return if i try. Constant smoking of strong weed, tends to bring on headaches in a lot of my friends too.

    I get them regular, but can keep them at bay with the method described above. And if the headache has gone beyond the first initial pressure stage, and moves into 'Brain drill mode' i simply have 2x Co-Codamol effervescent tablets (dissolvable in water). These pain killers are seriously powerful, and will destroy even the most pounding of headaches!
  11. i usually get headaches with weed thats not been dried properly or weed that is harvested very late, when more CBN is prevelent and less THC... just a thought.. try some lower grade stuff and dont use ice in ur bong
  12. Being from the medical field, it could also be that your developing an alergy to the stuff as well. I hope Im wrong but it's very possible.
  13. cool thanks for the info, ill try ur guys' methods and see if they fix my problem because life will really suck if im allergic to it. its my way of reliving daily stress and chest pain. hence the medical card.

    ill get back to you guys.
  14. alright ive tried,
    smoking different strains
    sativas and indicas
    ingesting it

    ive stopped for two days and im getting headaches now when im sober. im gonna see a doctor soon, i just really hope thc isnt my problem.
  15. I always get headaches when i stop smoking buds after a long run of daily toking...that parts normal

    The only time i get headaches is when i try to smoke like 5 bowls to my dome and shit...ill usually forget what im doing before then though

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