1st post and grow attempt!

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  1. Hello fellow growers!

    This is my 1st post and my 1st attempt to grow my own green!

    Like many well prepared noobs, I've done my homework and have spent the past few weeks reading a ton of grow articles and watched many grow movies. I feel I've pretty much gotten the entire concept of how this actually works (growing).
    For my 1st attempt I will try an indoor grow, with soil, and 6 random bagseeds. I'm assuming half of these are male and the other half female. I'd be super happy if I can get at least 3 fems, but I'd be much satisfied with at least 2 fems.

    As of right now my seeds have been germinating for 2 days.

    My main focus right now is just to get started off on the right page, so I've come for some help.

    Here is my agenda for the 1st month:
    As soon as my seeds sprout, I will put them in a small pot and add some water (any nutes at this point???) and put them under a couple of cfl's for 2-3 weeks at a 18/6 light cycle. After the 2-3 weeks have passed I would like to put them under a 400w hps for 1 more month of vegetative growth at a 18/6 light cycle and then finally flower them via 12/12 light cycle.
    a couple of questions now...

    Is it ok to keep my seedlings under cfl's for the 1st month at a 18/6 light cycle and then move to a much more powerfull 400hps bulb to complete vegetative state?

    any recomendations on good soil? totally clueless here..

    should nutes be added right away as soon as I start watering my seedlings?
    any advice would be much appreciated!


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  2. 1) Your lighting plan should be OK. When you switch to the HPS keep some distance between the plants and the light at first, perhaps 2 feet, and you can decrease that distance to the minimum tolerance over the next week or so. (Minimum should be about 12", its the distance at which you can keep the back of your hand under the light level with the plant tops comfortably for 30 seconds or so).

    2) Any general purpose organic potting soil should be good. Make sure it is not pre-fertilized, especially time-released ferts. A good mix I have used is:
    - 40% organic potting soil
    - 30% sphagnum moss
    - 20% worm castings
    - 10% perlite (for good drainage)
    - Line the bottom of the pot with 1/2-1" of perlite or sterile rocks

    3) Definitely do not add nutes right away. Wait until about 3 weeks in, then add at 1/4 the strength indicated on the label.
  3. if you have access to garden/hydro shops a good soil that many will recommend is fox farms ocean forest.
  4. hows they coming???
  5. i truly love bagseed grows. well.......how they are supposed to be done. keep up good work and good questions. i hope to have a grow of my own soon :D

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