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  1. xwil3r: hey  man im sure ul have no problem  getting a plant like i do  , just be patient , learn from ur mistakes , and be there everyday for the lil guy and im sure with a lil TLC you could grow a bigger more succesful plant then what i have here , now to answer your question  lets see i have 4- 23watt cfls  which  is a total 92 watts of cfl  if your were to convert it to incadance  its a 400w eqiuvlent
    Sebby1:   hey bud, i live out in the country ,  the pc is located in my closet, the smell isnt that bad , its noticable but not bad to the point where u can smell it from a mile away but i gotta say one thing this Auto #1 smelled more dank when she was in vegitive then now what shes budding(suprised me to). um  yes there light leaks in my pc box threw both fans, but since its in my closet  and my closet is light proof  i never have a problem i just  have the door shut from lights on to lights off (bascially threw the whole grow only when im taking a look at her watering all the regular stuff) , so having the light leak threw the fans have never been an issue maybe for u where  locate your box   like in your room where you will always have light  its gunna be un issue , for that i say, if u can get like a black letard like what ur mom would wear ( lol i know its funny)  but its works  cuz a piece off of it and wrap it around ur pc man  so it covers the lights leak thats the best way you can do it , , i have no idea other then that as i have never had a problem with the light leaking , also a plus with Autoflower  they can run and any time schedule  doesnt matter what ive had my grow  for 2 months now  (almost in like 6 days) and i had its set on 18/6  threw the whole grow and as your can see today the results are amazing, um with the smell yes a carbon filter will help probs 80% with the smell  cuz some way or another the smell will get out   and if ur gunna install a carbon filter put on ur exhaust fan  where u screw in ur pc fan screw it in with ur fan so that its air tight to the carbon filter and fan ( i hope u know what i mean) other then that u shouldnt have a problem at all 

    Hopes this helps guys(post back if u have anymore questions)

    Stay High  :smoke:
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  2. i did the same but with just 12 DC plugs  some of the big box plugs  for both my 120mm and my 80mm  , if u run anything lower which is probs what u are pros anywhere from 3v DC-9DC  is probs what ur running is gunna run them slower then what they should be so  i suggest find something with 12v DC/AC  to get the most or else ur just wasting time i did that for about 2 weeks and  lost out on alot of growth due to  heat stress cuz of a not strong enough ventalation
  3. what light cycle are you using 
  4. for the first 2 weeks of my grow i used a 24/0 light cycle(lights on 24/7 for 2 weeks)  i then started switching down an hour over a course of like week2 day 1 i switch 23/1, week2 day 2 22/2 ,week 2 day 3 21/3 ,week 2 day 4 20/4, week 2 day 5 19/5 , week 2 day 6 18.5/5.5
    the finaly on week 2 day 7 (so start of week 3  i had it fully switch to 18/6  and have had like that ever since and as you can see from my grow its has so far work wonders and never cause any stress cuz i did it over a peroid of time rather then what most people do like switching it over in a day to 18.6 cuzing some stunting and stress on the plant this way she never got stunned or got stress
    Anymore questions just feel free to ask?
    Stay high ma Peeps  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke: 
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    Update 3/31/2014

    Yo Krispykush Here:

    so just came back from a 4 day vacation  to find my auto have have so many resin glands just everywhere looks like in about 2 weeks she will be ready for harvest thinking of flushing next watering , not sure about that yet , so far all trichs are clear no milky yet but you can see it coming ,def in the next week 30%(at least) will be miilky

    Here some pictures ,Hope you Enjoy:





    DSC_0546 (9).JPG

  6. your always on vacation... Do it while your young, fuck retiring old I always say.
    Looking good bro.
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    Update 4/3/2014

    Harvest Day approaching REALLY fast think by April 10 shes will be ready for harvest
    shes looking really frosty and  full of bud  probably gunna get a 10g harvest out of this one
    cant wait !!!!!!
    -The smell is just incredible now ( really hard to keep it down) 
    -stinks up the whole house now (this is a problem now cuz my parents dont know im growing luckly shes will be ready to harvest in a about a weeks so it wont be much of a problem jsut gotta keep some air fresheners close by 
    -litrally smells like a skunk went off in my room 
    Here are some Pictures > she speaks For her self:








    so after about  a 1  1/2 - 2 weeks of germinating my berry ryder has FINALLY  has shown her tap root 
    here is some pics of her:

    DSC_0541 (2).JPG

    DSC_0542 (2).JPG

  8. Also there some purple on leafs and buds as well so thats awesome 
  9. HARVEST DAY APROACHING really fast , i cut off 2 lower bud  so i can view the trichromes on it with my microscope  and about almost 60-70 percent on the lowers bud with with cloudy trichs which is perfect  and i have manicures them and the two buds and hangin up to dry now   taking all my surgar leaves and gunna make cannabutter out of it wanna make some edibles   :) which will be tons of fun  im gunna cut 2 surgar leaves of the main bud to inspect the trichs to see if there still  clear or are  ready for harvest as of right now the 2 lower buds were ready for harvest today 
    last night at bout 4:20 am i clean up some sun leaves all around the plant shes looks alot cleaner and wil make my job easier when harvest day come dont have to take off all the sun leaves , shes look really clean and ready for harvest in about 4 days i can not wait   :) so excited 
    here are the pics:
    i thought this was pree cool:
    Plant pics now:



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    and i did flush her last night for the final time with a gallon of water 
  11. Updaye 4/9/2014
    YAYAYAYAYAY been waiting for this day since February 7 when she sprouted but today on the 9th i finally chooped her down> and damnit TRIMMING SUCKS DICK i hate it lol  i forgot how fucking boring it  is ughhh i hate it lol other then that got 5 gummy hash tokes out of it and was  baked as shit thru the whole trimming process and hanging them   so yay thats good  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoking:  :smoking:  :smoking:  :smoking:
    ended out wieghing total of 22.5g of wwet bud so probs  half of that 11.25  just an estimate not bud i think (let me know what you think)
    here are the pictures:
    Before Harvest
    During Trimming Got tired so i stopped for about an hour:
    Trimming Done and now there hanging up to dry:
    when i did my wiegh i i took of about 5g cuz of all the stem really wiegh up like 30 g i think i just did a rough estimate  ill let you guys know  how much its in the end when its all dry 

    For now ill see in about 5-7 days when there dry  and give a smoke report  then its all of to curing see you guys soon

    Stay High for now GC :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:  :smoke:
  12. Fucking nice... Theres that old grow pot of yours.
    you loose about 75% weight to water.
    30 grams x .25 = 7.5grams.
    you might hit 10 grams...
    Talk about fast! ... Whats the next seed in the works doing?
  13. i dont really know how much i got in grams is was just a rough estimate
  14. so my berry ryder was a poop it didnt germanate fully  and eventaully turned to mush cuz of the condensation in side the casing of the seed plus i dont think i stored it right but no need to fear , more seeds are here :smoking: :smoking: :metal: :metal: :metal: 
    oLol i order off worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com  very well customer service , all seeds are singly sold or u can get pack of 5 to 10 i think  i just prefer to buy single seeds  as there femnized  so about 90% sure itwill be female so whyy not right  , emailing and contacting  i email about my order and i got an email 2 hours later answering my question perfectly and helping to my satisfaction , really reliable  seed bank and would prefer it to any member on grasscity, last time i order my seeds were here within 4-5 days hope its the same this time might take a lil longer since the 420 sale they  had  but what ever 
    ok so the seeds i ordered are as follows:
    1x 2 Free Feminized Seeds - Free
    2x Special Kush #1 - Feminized
    1x Auto Anesthesia - Feminized
    1x Devil Cream Automatic - Feminized
    1x THC Autoflowering - Feminized
    and the 2 free seeds i got are 1x jack horror and 1x super skunk auto
    BTW: my auto #1 harvest a total of 11.7 grams dried and smoked it all on 420 ahah  i wasss litrally helafading  and hungry as hell to lol  really good weed no heady or uppy high defintly a couchlock and munchie weed   but really relaxing and  pain reliving quilties  as well as anxiety , as i do  have anxiety  very smooth and tastes fruity and really smooth  , lots of keif on it as well ended up having 3grms of kief in my coffee grinder  alright guys have fun ill will be starting a new  topic so defintly check it out , i will do that as soon as i get my seeds in the mail   thanks guys   
    Remeber Stay High and Happy Belated 420

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