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  1. Hello every so just to let you all know I AM NOT NEW TO GROWING... but i this is my first experience to pc growing. Lets start off by what items and troubles i went through to finally get my final product 
    1.I started of with trying to make it really stealthy and i was stupid enough not to think to take the sleve off of the cd case so i first put in the whole 3 boxes of cd plays and dvd drives (duh im stupid )

    2. so with a lil advice i took them off super glued and hot glued it to the frame BAMMM stealthy

    3. so i started off with trying aluimin foil and that was a big fail didnt work for my liking , so i tore out the whole box and i tried blank sheets of paper and its work but not for my liking ( i also am on a budget so i was trying to use anything around the house) i eventually went out to goodwill ( actually today) and i found some mylar 27" high and 67" length and i got 2 of those for only .99 cents so that worked out perfect i didnt even have to lay out any cardbored on the sides or anything like that , like i had to in my provious attempts 
    4. so my main problem was trying to get the my power strip mounted and i eventally gave up cuz i wasnt able to do it ... waited to the next day i found some good adhisve high stenngth glue and it work but ........ my power bar was to thick  in width and hiegth so .... yet again i went out to kmart and found a high quilty power bar for 5 buck and i got that and i finally got that mounted and working 

    5.now i did order my seeds from worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com .. i can not say how good they are as this is my first time ordering seeds  as in my prevouis times growing  i had only bought seeds from local dealers and really good quilty bud seeds ( ill give u un update as soon as they are shipping to my house )

    6.i order off of ebay 4 plugin light sockets  for only 4.95  its was perfect deal and they will work great saw alot of good reviews from them so  there being shipped to my house as well, that was one of my biggest problems to mount the lights cause before i did this i made my own light sockets out of cords lying around and sockets lying around not a good idea if u dont know what ur doing but lucky i did know  

    7.as of RIGHT now i am still waiting for my lights to be shipped in i ordered 2: 40Watt cfls  off of amazon for 16 dollars for both .. yes i know i have not enough light for a whole grow so i went out to Walmart and bought 2: 26 watt lights... these four light are all daylight 6500k bulbs and had really good advice on which ones to buy

    8.know you guys may wonder why i didn't get and 2700k warm lights for flower well i order .. 2 different types of auto-flowering seeds from categories auto-seed in the site listed above  They are BERRY RYDER and AUTO #1 they were a lil pricey but they always have garentee shipping and i got those 2 seeds for 25$ ( and if yall have any experiences with these seeds Please lets me know id like to here how they grow and taste,odor  ...ETC)but today i went and did buy 2 of the 2700k warm light of 26 watts so i can have a bit of a wider spectrum for when they do start flowering 

    9. Know one of my main concerns was fanning as i am new to pc growing  so i can up with i good idea to have fan  one of those mini fans at walmart to be inside the casing dont know how that will work still figureing out my ideas to finish this box up if u guys have any good ideas or thoughts please let me know

    I think that about sums everything up whe i receive all of my shippments which should be within a week from that i should have evevry thing i will keeep everyone updated  and send i picture when everything is up and going and i will keep updating from the time of germanation to harvest  ... always looking for advice from well experinced grows out there and as well as adcanced grows  always need some new ideas and modifacations for my box 

    now for some pics  

    this was my first attempts with all my faliures:


    And this was my success try :






  2. looking goof krispy, make sure u get that fan, its important, my 1st grow was auto#1 and it was great, strong body high and an amazing fruity taste, good luk
  3. thanks man so i booked .. er over to walmart today and miejers  as well as best buy so i bought a 80mm pc fan as a exhaust and tomorrow i will be buying i lil minature fan to breath air on  my plants when i receive then and plant them  , any concerns with that or would that work well
  4. Update : got my lights that just shipped in today as well as my thermoter/ humidity gauge  
    also got my pc fan but to hard to take a pic of  cuz i already installed it


  5. i think it will be enough,  lets see the readings when u get that gauge working, when r u germinating ?
  6.  i will be germanting as soon as my sseeds are shipped in  i will only be doing one as i wont to save my other seeds for after the harvest of my first plant  because i just went to miejers today and picked up a minature fan for intake  so that will be good so ill only have enough room for one plant but i am still haveing troubles mounting my lights as they are bigger  that i thought  so i looks like ill have to mount each light on the end  and front of the case which is not what i was hoping for any idea you could give me as i am out of them   .. like for mounting my lights 
  7. i will keep everyone updated tho on how my germanation is going and when my plant myseeds as well as spouting and thru out the whole grow will post pictures later tonight of my pc fan and my new fan that i got tonight and let me see what you guys think thanks alot  

  8. i also think i will be staring on my berry ryder as id heard great thing about the smoke of it  
    idk ill let u decide which on i should pant first and which on i should test in my pc  My Auto #1 or my Berry Ryder
  9. Try adding the light horizontally instead of vertical, and whats the actual watts of the bulb, also i think u should consider LST its pretty easy and it will help u a lot with ur height and yield, i used the paper method for germination , it helps u see whats actually going on!
  10. yah in my grow before i used the paper towel method if thats what your talking about and  i have 1st growed in my last indoor grow so i was assuming to do that again in this grow as i thought there not much room to grow if u don't do lst so that's what i will be doing  , yes im planing to put it horizontally  cuz vcertalcally does not give off all the lumens and light that you could have and the actual wattage of my lights are 40w cfls equal to 200w as you saw on my pictures. when i get my plug-in light sockets tomorrow , cause thats what the tracking number said on the usps site im hoping that puting and mounting the light on each end will work i will update pictures tommorow  if i do get my plug-in light sockets tomorrow but i will update tonight of all my new installations ive done since the beginnging of this project hope everything works out ill keep you updated.

    Thanks KrispyKush 
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  12. so ive just about finished my project and i am still waiting for my seeds should have them any time from the beginging of this sunday to next sunday any were between those days  but here are some photo to keep you guys updated 

    LIght mounts and placement:


    Where my light will be when i get my plug-in light sockets tomorrow:


    My exhuast PC fan that i wasnt able to get a picture of the other day :

    pc fan.jpg

    my Minature super fan  Using it as my intake fan  and to blow air on my plants:

    super fan.jpg

    hey everyone after seeing my pictures tell me if im missing anything or if i should make any adjustment before my seeds come in let me know open to any suggestions and are where im mounting the lights goood. Let me know if i should get anything else ... open to anything 

    Thanks KrispyKush
    Heres some updated pictures

    The seeds:

    Start of my Paper towel Germination method:

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  15. now were talking, all the luck  :smoke:
    I got seeds from the same outfit and planted them tonight. 6 femmed autos. blue mammoth,critical,Tijuana , blue amnesia .
  17. hey guys thanks yeah my baby's tap root still hasn't come out yet  hoping it will tonight(and it only been like 20hours so still has time) and i will be planting as soon as it does,  so ill keep everyone update.. i decided to just germinate my one auto #1 seeds then as soon as that baby starts flowering i will be germinating my berry ryder so all the  luck with this hope everything goes smoothly
  18. Got my plug in light sockets today 
  19. looks good , also looking a lil bit of tight space but looking forward to see ur grow
  20. Sooo sorry everyone wasn't able to get on grass-city for a while as i was on vacation so i germinated my auto #1 right before i left and i was coming back in a week so i was a lil down because i already planted my seed right before i left so i thought after 7 days with water only on day  right before i left that it would sprout but would die since the lack of water i came back  and well to be surprised and made me very happy is my seed sprouted and was still going strong so as i got home i gave her some water  and shes doing really well know so excited and cant wait till shes bigger and bushier  . anyways heres some pictures of how  shes looking right now  and how shes doing.
    ive been keeping the temperature relativity high i guess at around a low of 80 to a high of 90 only because shes still a seedling and i pree sure they like a lil warm temperature. i will lower when she in her 2nd week to a low of 70 to high of 80 but she seems to be loving the higher temperature right now
    so im im quite surprised at hows shes growing after only about 3 or 4 days after ground break shes be going smoothly ever since she broke soil HERE TAKE A LOOK..

    if you have any thing to say or what i should do please let me know it only her 5 or 4 days from soil break let me know of anything i should do thanks 


    i can also  see her 2nd lleaves growing in should be here by tomorrow or end of tomorrow 


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