1st PC Grow massively messed up, will it be ok?

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Messor, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    So this is my first grow five weeks in with a 65W CFL 2700k bulb (my 125W bulb let temps get too high) .

    I was under the assumption that I had ordered an autoflower variety and after the timer I bought broke on day 5 I left it on 24/0 assuming no harm would be done. After 3 weeks I was eagerly awaiting flowering signs and saw what I thought were a few pistles and have been awaiting bud ever since, it has not arrived. So I checked the seeds that I bought and I actually got just female NOT AUTO. Will it have affected the plant being on 24/0 as it isn't an auto?

    Also I have started on biobizz bloom nutes a bit over a week ago, as you can see there is slight yellowing of a leaf which is likely N shortage, so I fed it vegging nutes again today and will continue with flowering nutes on the next water, will this be ok?

    Oh yeah and it is getting its first 12 of dark tonight, and hopefully this time it will start to flower.

    and the reason it is so squat is because I was LSTing it, made of a bit of a hash of it as well as kind of LSTed it back into a corner!!!! Big learning curve for next plant!!!

    Any answers on my questions would be much appreciated.

    P.s. I'm normally not such an idiot as to buy the wrong seeds and keep assuming they are auto!!!

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  2. i would attempt to replant it a little better maybe, and keep LST to keep it outta that corner
    if you had it getting night hours during the early part of its life then switched to 24/0 it should be ok kinda like if it had spring time, i would give it three or four days with like 18/6 or 16/8 before putting it on 12/12, it will take one to three weeks at 12/12 to show definite signs of sex
  3. i'd replant into a deeper container with organic nutes and lst and continue to veg until it evens out
  4. I put all my plants on 24/0 auto or not and they've all turned out OK so far.
  5. yeh it should be fine on 12/12 now...plan on about 60-70 days of flowering time from now....harvesting around the end of may.

    Make sure it's fully lightproofed as well...you don't want any light at all leaking into it during the dark period.

    You'll probably see some good stretch the next 2 weeks as well so be ready to lst :)
  6. Thanks for the help everyone :)

    I have re-planted in the same container as I can't get a deeper one in the PC and have the largest that will fit. I moved it as far from the corner as possible without interfering too much with its root network which has got big :)

    I had already switched to 12/12 last night so it will just have to deal with it instead of further veg unfortunately. The box was all light proofed up already, and i just re-checked it.

    i have re-LSTed it in its new position, although the stem is pretty much helixed at the moment. I have taken pictures but it looks far too sad what with the move and LSTing will post some up tomorrow once its perked up again.

    Have lots of space now to get my LST on, wire is at the ready :)

  7. Also have just realised that I really abuse the smiley, but I am pretty happy with the progress thanks to all you GC peeps :)
  8. Hey,

    Here are pics. The stem stretches from far left of pic to the right, she's basically horizontal.

    I'm not sure if the yellowing/dying leaf may be due to nute burn. I flushed this morning just in case and when she dries out in a few days time I will nute with bloom.

    Thanks for stopping by :smoke:

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  9. hi.

    the yellowing is a light N deficiency..nothing to worry about if you continue to add a little N for the first few weeks of flower. If it was nute burn you'd have clawed leaves with burnt tips :) So when she dries out in a few days do another few 'veg' waterings. :)
  10. i simply use brita filtered water with botanicare pro bloom soil formula 1-4-5, and botanicare cal-mag plus with 2-0-0, the cal mag added enough nitrogen i never had a n deficincy,

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