1st Outdoor grow! Help is appreciated

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  1. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and have lots of questions, i decided to plant some seeds and to my luck i got some sprouts! After they became about 3-4 inches i transplanted into 8" pots with organic Hawaiian soil. I put the pots in some strategical locations with lots of sun, watering with about 100ml of normal water for the 1st week. Then i made a tea, with some organic worm castings. I then use that (about 50-75 ml when soil was sorta dry) and i also noticed that some bugs had been chewing my leaves, so i sprayed the leaves with a soapy water mix (completely organic) and that helped some plants. Right now i had 1 plant stolen, and 2 eaten by insects, it's tough for me to get pics, but i can if u think looking at them will help to tell me what to fix etc.

    All Comments welcome, remember this is my 1st time growing so I'm still very novice.

    (Pictures soon hopefully)
  2. You did everything just right. For the bugs, get a product named Concern...or some other all purpose organic pyrethrum-based insecticide...but it seems you have a bigger problem. A pot thief is not conducive to a successful grow.
  3. To start off thank you Very much for the reply (and soo fast!) I'm relieve to hear that i did some good things on my 1st grow! However you are correct about the pot thief. I was sooo heart-broken! It was my biggest plant out of the bunch and when I went to check up on it, it was gone! But i think i still have about 5 plants left. I will look for those insecticides.

    Now, I'm a US citizen and as u probably know it is damn near impossible to grow here, but i'm going t give it a shot. If you know of any US stores that i can get supplies @ i would really appreciate it! I'm finding it tough to get what i need, but Wal-mart has been a big help! I noticed that many growers use some sort of rock/stone/balls as their soil? I'm very confused to what it may be, but it seems to work. I think i'm going to try and grow indoors, and could use more advise on OUTDOOR and INDOOR growing.

    Any advise is still appreciated!

  4. OK..outdoors. Plant along a tree line where the plants have a view of the southern sky where the sun arcs. They need at least 5 hours of direct sun. For your soil just get some promix bx...it is mostly peat. Mix it with your native soil along with 10-20% wormcastings, a handful of blood meal, a handful of bonemeal, get something with trace elements like kelp meal or a handful of Espoma brand Plant Tone. Sink those suckers right in the ground if you can. If you can't use big pots at least 3 gallon, but even then they will dry out almost every day when they get big.
  5. Thanks for the help! I will jump on that ass soon as i can. Should I transplant those plants into like 5gal buckets? Then make a new soil mix with what you are saying?

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