1St Organic Grow 400W Mh/hps/cfl(160W) Wonderwoman/bluemystic

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  1. My girls are 4 weeks old, got the seeds from Nirvanashop. I had 100% germination rate so far so i guess thats good, but i've been careful with them.
    Median :
    Each in 3.80gal Pots with a lot of holes in the bottom, and on the sides for aeration.
    -1 cf MG organic choice garden soil (no time-release fertilizers)
    -1/2 cup blood meal (for nitrogen)
    -1 cup bone meal (for phosphorus)
    -1 pinch ground alfalfa (for potassium)
    -3/4 cup dolomite lime (calcium/magnesium and PH buffer)
    -20% perlite (space for roots/make sure water isn't retained too much in the soil)
    Currently they are under 400w MH and a 4ft fixture of CFLs(160w) as for side lighting. I've been watering with distilled water and recently just started feeding them Roots Organics Buddah Grow, i also have Buddah Bloom but wont start that until flowing stage.
    Today i topped my organic soil with some FFOF just because i got 1.5cuft for $15 locally, and will be using that from now on.
    What do you guys think so far? When should i swith them over to the HPS for 12/12?


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    Hmm, idk why the pics came out upside down ?

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