1st order ever.Attitude please help!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by drkroniik, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. I ordered my seeds with a prepaid visa about a week ago, I got an email stating that they proccessed it,but nothing about shipping. And on top of it I can't log into my account on attitude. Any ideas of what's going on?
  2. yea. by the time my seeds get here ill be on day 13 of waiting.. so dont be surprised if it takes a while. but cheers to u if they show up soon. also. when u go onto the attitude page. click the login button at the top right without putting ur info in. then it redirects u and allows u to enter ur login info in the center of the web page.
  3. .I just tried logging in and it still didn't work.
  4. I had this issue with my first shipment. I would confirm that they have indeed withdrawn the funds for your purchase. If they have, email them with your order number requesting the tracking info. They got back to me but it took a couple days.
  5. Yes they definitely took the money off the card I checked that. But I will email them and hopefully they'll get back to me. Thanks
  6. have you tried resettin' your password:smoke:

  7. Lool I'm not that high. It just doesn't send the email to me,and yes I checked all the folders:D
  8. ha ha i wouldnt worry to much man,sometimes they take there time or the shipping company does,but ihave had goodluck with the tude and i have another order on the way so i give the 5stars.just hold in there dude lol its tough
  9. Yeah I mean I've just read thing were people are saying how they shipped it out next day and shit so I'm just wondering what's going on.
  10. I hope so !
  11. yeah post office screwed me to,i have a ashcatcher in the mail bout to be here.but hope al goes well man.like i said before atitude has always done me right so far.so im sure you wont have any major problems.if anything was messed up they will try there best to help you.did you put insurence on ur package? i always do that way if anything happins they will forsure replace it.and thats a good feelin with sum badass beans,plus the t-shirt is allways cool to! lol but keep us updated bro
  12. Yes will do, I'm really not sure about insurance but I got the guarenteed shipping.
  13. well yeah gaurenteed shipping is what i ment,my bad man id pay 10bucks just for the shirt though so i think its totaly worth it to have your beans safe to
  14. Great news today, I found out that the package is in my state already haha! I received an email from them today with the tracking info,looked it up and its almost here! Very happy thanks for all the support guys
  15. hey wat u mean by email like your real email or the attitude site account.
    and when u say state side do u mean like its near your area?
    and how many days has it been for u since shipping confrimation?

  16. Real email.
    They shipped it and its in my state so it almost at my house.
    They never sent me a confirmation email.
  17. come on doc...did the beans show or nada;)
  18. Sorry forgot to update, yes I received my seeds yesterday. Very very happy with attitude. Thanks for all the support
  19. too kool...now to the growin:hello:..good luck....let me know when ya start postin' grow pics:smoke:peace deacon...oh..and now its your turn to calm down the new orderers next month:D
  20. Yes will post pics asap. And yeah ill take care of it definitely :smoke:

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