1st one popped.

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    I had 12 of some delicious lime BagSeed, and tried a little experiment before trying it on my attitude seeds. First I tried germinating 6 in wet paper towel, 4 popped "after a week".

    Then I took 3 soaked them in tap water for 24 hrs, then germ'd in wet PT, 1 popped. I planted it but no life yet. 4 days ago

    The last 3 I just put in a shot glass of miracle grow " picked out all the TR nute balls and put it on a heat pad... Week later no prevail. So I gave up, it rained this week and I collected a a good 16oz of fresh rain water. Said what the hell planted all the poppers and watered then, with the rain.

    Wa La.....

    I'm glad one sprouted, especially after so long, but it was from the just straight soil test.

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  2. nice! now get that journal bumpinn

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