1st light purchase & ph/ppm question ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by feminizedbeans2323, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. so after all the research ive done i have decided to go with the hlg 100 v2 4000k. at the most im going to have 3x3 space for at most 4 plants. i already have two 40watt led lights that produce 10k lumens @ 5k. so with about 175watt ish all together is that sufficient for my little grow box?
    any tips for me? im 2 weeks out from throwing the seeds in water and 7 plants are on 2nd & 3rd set of "true" leaves.
    i know experience is the best teacher but i try to be prepared lol
  2. Probably use the 40 watt leds for when in the seedling stage. The HLG100 will be too much power for them until they get a little size. Start out with it with plenty of distance too when you do turn it on and work your way down to 18" or so.
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  3. ok i will make sure to keep plenty of distance. im just paranoid about stretching bcus i want to try to keep the plants as compact as possible due to space limits. ive had the 40watters like 5-8 inches away and they love it and have not shown any signs of burn. i put half of the seedlings in kratky style hydro bcus i thought it would be a good idea and i realized the constant water was killing them and turning leaves yellow so ever since i moved em all back to soil they have recovered great + the 40watt upgrade from 9watt ceiling fan bulbs
  4. just adding to this bcus idk how to edit thread lol but to water my plants i have been using nothing but rain water (i live in orlando fl so it rains every day) and i finally got around to testing the water. ppm are under 30! more like 20 & i think that is way way better than what i expected. ph was basically mid to low 6's which i think is spot on if im not mistaken? im growing in soil btw i know ph requirements are differen for soil/hydro

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