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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ThirstOwnz, May 15, 2010.

  1. Wutz sup, my names Thirst! i have outdoor plants in growth right now, and decided 2 grow 2-4 plants inside just for backup, i have filled two 2gallon buckets with 25% good garden dirt that has bin grown with for years from my gpa & 25% dryed out cowmanure thats about a year old so the nitrogen isnt 2 strong and wont burn my seedlings, & 50% Miracle grow Premium soil! I put 2 chronic seeds in each bucket, incase i have a male. I want to do somthing similar 2 the "Stealth Rubbermaid Growbox" i have 2 100g Rubbermaids and my 2 buckets of soil outside in the sun so those seedlins can get 2 growing. What Lights, Nutes should i get for them, and Correct me if im wrong but all i need is to Get the 2 100g rubbermaids lightsealed,a fan, a light timer, temp meter, & about 4 100w lights, some Nutes and a good light schedule till about 2months into the grow then switch the light schedule to 12/12 then start feeding it nutes?? Plz help my noobie growing ways, ty i really want some good greenery that i grew myself, im so sick of buying pricey good chronic that i coulda just grew 4 free and had the money 2 buy my daugher w.e! Im sure some can relate, ty 4 reading & hope u can help my bum thumb!:eek:
  2. i see ppl are viewing but not responding, so am I right?? Or is my typing so horrible u cant read?? lol i hope this is the right site 2 be asking these ?'s
  3. Whew... O.k. Let me see if I can cover all my thoughts here. First, if it's good soil you shouldn't need nutes right away for the seedings. We are talking less than a month old at this point, right ? Keep your mix light and make sure it drains well. Plants will grow slower in larger containers so it's best to start small and pot up. I'm not familiar with the stelth Rubbermaid growbox, is that a hydro system ? Are you talking 100 watt MH or Hps or what ? Are you speaking of a soil and hydro grow ? I could be more help and would be happy to if you could clarify a little.

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