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  1. What it is?? What it aint? What it will be? :smoke:
    Hey GrassCity matrix., so this is my update on my "Winston OG" unfeminized seeds.
    The day after i removed the moisture dome cover from my seed tray to get the light closer to the plants i had a very long shift at work, and the rapid rooter plugs apparently got rather dry. sooOooo im from 25 youngins, to 13 . . :cry:
    The ones that did survive did fall over, and have started to pick their tops back up.
    Now i've actually had some good success with some outdoor plants that wilted and made a good recovery, just sittin sideways at the bottom a little. :cool:
    Came out nice and bushy a month or so later.
    anyhow, i did a few upgrades to hopefully get these babies going.

    • Now using a 125w maxlume CFL with econo reflector
    • Placed the rooter plugs in dixie cups to try and help with retaining h2o.
    • also a mini fan, suggested by a fellow GC member, to keep the dome cooler.
    • medicated on only sativas during brainstorming and construction lololol
    new setup

    Top view

    Close up

    and i thought this was a cool shot :smoke:
  2. open to comments..
    and constructive criticism..
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    Most of those seedlings are way over stretched. You may be at the point where you need to figure out what went wrong and start over.
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    It is lighting, same as the other thread. Lack of light is the only thing that will cause stretching like that. I would take that dome off of them to. It really isnt needed once they come out of the ground unless your humidity in the room is super low. Move the light as close as you can get it without the temp at your canopy going too high.

    If you havent already go get a thermometer and humidity meter if you want more knowledge of what is going on. I picked up a little digital combo job from walmart for $7 and just sit it at my "canopy" in one of my pots. It will also save high and low numbers for the day in case something spikes while I am not watching.

    I cant say this enough man, get more light. Either 100 actual watts cfl for the first plant, and 50 watts for each additional minimum or go get a hid light. If you plan on flowering even half of those at a decent height I think your gonna have a bitch of a time using cfl's and need a good hps or mh light anyway.

    It might not hurt either to pick a lower number of plants, and get some nice deep pots. Repot them, and bury a couple inches of the stem. These plants seem to me to get pretty top heavy quick once you start getting leaves. Concentrate on a lower number of plants, and your lighting issue will be easier to deal with, in my opinion.
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    Here ya go man, here is my bad example. This pic is on day 7. They spent the first three days outside in an with about 6 hours of direct sun, and 7 hours or so of daylight. On the evening of the fourth day they were moved in under the hps light. Day 5 I changed to the mh bulb. The pic is day 7. Notice how tall the plants are for the amount of leaves. Not great, something needed adjusting. Look at the one on the back right corner in particular, see the stem doing the wave? That isn't natural, these plants should be growing straight up towards the light source provided it is adequate on all sides


    I was having heat issues, causing me not to be able to get my light close enough. I rectified the heat problems somewhat, and brought my light much closer to the canopy while lowering the average temp a few degrees at the same time.

    This pic is the same plants, only six days later after re-potting (needed to do this because I was filling out the solo cup with roots) and getting my lights about 8" closer.

  6. If a plant stretches like this, couldn't you just scrog or lst it?. I am sorry I can not add anything other than a question.

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