1st indoor grow?

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  1. im looking for a cheap / hassle-free indoor grow. an ultimate beginners guide or something would be perfect if you could link it. also a good site with some inexpensive seeds would be appreciated

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  2. what i recommend is, going with an indoor soil grow depending on your budget, and what your overall goal is and how much room/space you have to work with, all that information is crucial to setup your grow

    but for example, you have an additional spare bedroom in the house, i would go and buy (2) 1000 watt HPS grow lights off craigslist you can get quality light for $250-300, make sure the hoods are air cooled and get yourself a 6 inch inline fan so you can air cool the 6 inch hoods, then i would get some 5 gallon pots, and some ocean forest soil from your local hydroponics store, you will also want to look into a nutrient line while you are there, the Ocean forest soil has enough nutrients in it that all you really have to do is water through veg, and find a nute line for flower, as far as your seeds go i would try to find some clones locally depending on where you live this may be easy or rather hard, but clones will save you a month over seed, but if you need to order seed i recommend Dr Chronics Cannabis seeds bank, if you have the time to put in i recommend you do DWC hydroponics that would greatly help increase your yield!

  3. thanks for the reply

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    all of this is super new to me and somethin literally im trying to pick up step by step. but its hard filtering thru each link, with each person's personal opinion, method and setup. i read the reply to the first thread and i def get the impression this aint ya first rodeo.... HELLP ME lol. tell me the God's honest truth, which is better for me to start with Soil or Hyrdo? and when i say better, i mean considering everything involved from IQ to potential flower yield. cause if all i gotta do for hydro is follow a longer set of instructions but have a way better final result then obv i gonna.... i didnt check to see when this thread was posted but i'm just askin for anyone who has an extra second and wants to assist/ mentor :p a fellow ally. i live in MD/ DE where our state's bill just was signed and passed last week, so just trying to learn now and get ahead of the game lol. i need supply lists, step by step instruction, and just really honest sincere advice/ criticism from someone who thinks like me (someone who thinks like me, what i like to call "upper level management " will be able to follow my train of thought.) i have the funds to pay for my supplies and get things started, i just am trying to avoid a waste of time or money doing the wrong thing.

    Even advice on a website or link to order a how-to for dummies if thats the best way to learn. i am up for any solution as long as its the most logical/ rational path to go. honestly so so appreciate even just reading this stranger's long (lol) boring message. but if anyone and everyone ;p wants to lend a lil advice & support, that'd be whats up.

    ==thank ya and def appreciate the time



    -- the only thing i literally have so far is 4 widow tomato seeds, i am a blank slate waiting for an artist :p

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