1st indoor grow

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by d1ng1zx2, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Ok so I am planning my first ever indoor grow and have a question about lighting. , I have grown outside once before but am a total noob when it comes to grow rooms. My set up is a small sort of cheap growbox I "built." Interior is 30.5" H x 27"L x 16"W and one of the small side walls is gonna be open. Basically wondering if I could use this 60w blue plant lite and a certain amount of 950 lumen 15w cfl lights (I have up to 10 if needed) to grow 2 small-medium size plants up to flowering stage (by when I'd have bought some 2700k lights) ? Also would it be fine if I just placed a small oscilating fan facing the open side of the grow box? Thank you, any help would be much appreciated, pretty baked while writing this by the way
  2. Is the blue light an LED light? if not just stick with CFL's
  3. It says 'helps grow plants' on the box, but how many watts/lumens total do you think would be a good number?
  4. 100 watts for one plant and an additional 50 watts per plant added

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