1st indoor grow. Going good, untill now.

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  1. The rundown, foxfarm ocean forest, 1200w cob led, always ph adjusted watered every 3 days or so. Gave less that .25 dose fox farm grow big. Grow room stays 79- 81 degrees 48-55 % rh. Trying mainlining on 2 plants 3 lst, for first time. Today new growth started to appear yellow and some curling/twisted new growth. Any ideas?

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    Guessing they need cal/mag, or litfa
  3. That's just your new growth.....that's natural. Your plants look pretty healthy to me.
  4. Ok thank you. Kind of wondered if I was being paranoid. The plant is first picture is the one that had me worried. New growth is looking a little is twisted.
  5. I’d start by losing the aluminum foil and get more perlite in the medium. You should also be using big bloom almong with grow big. If you have it. Ik you said ur watering every 3 days, are you making sure your pots are lite when you lift them. The new growth looks like it’s getting to much water
  6. Yeah forgot to mention of big loom at .25 dose as well. They were really dry when I watered. Next time I water I'll try watering each plant about half of what I did. I added a extra bag of perlite to the ocean forest soil when transplanted on 8/2

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