1St Indoor Grow, Cfl And Led Aurora Indica

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  1. Hey guys!
    Just finishing up with closet and need some help!
    First off SPACE, length 3.5 feet width 2.5 feet hight 3,5 feet.
    LIGHTS, 1x4000l clf 2x150w led panels.
    AIR FLOW. Extracter fan ventelation and oscillating fan.
    TEMP AND HUMIDITY. 85' temp humidity around 55.
    How does this sound as a first setup? I want to add co2, but not sure if the size will be relivent? I can get a co2 canister and regulator no prob. But wondering if the yeast co2 method would be sufficient? I have not planted yet I want to be 100% confident that I have done all I can do with the equipment and space I have!
    Any suggestions or any additional info will be well appreciated!
  2. Oh yeah not to forget I will be growing 5 aurora indica( feminized) Nirvanaseeds. And I have 1 Swiss cheese clone from a friend and will be rooted and in my possession next week! Super exited at this point! The hottest it ever gets in there is 90' hopefully I have a full proof system!
  3. sounds cool man, post some pics of your sweet set-up!
  4. your set up sound good
    I have not use led my self but do know how they work, in the space you have, you will need to top and lst the plant in a way to keep the plants 1ft wide and only 6" high when you turn over to flower, you need a very even canopy to get the best yeild
    I have spent years learning the best way to keep a plant very short and bushy so I will help you at every stage :smoke:
  5. Here's my two plants I am vegging, got to re pot them and pull the sides down to get that level canopy
    there in a 1ltr pot, there about 6" high and just over 6" wide, in the next week they will have many main top sites
    and be re poted in 5ltr pot, I will be vegging for 3 weeks more re pot in a 14ltr bucket and flower these plants will be very wide and less than 18" tall.

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  6. Haha I'm a noob here! How do I upload pics ?
  7. Any advice on the co2 side??
  8. 1  click the (more reply options) on the bottom right of the post
    2  click browse at the bottom of the page find your picture
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    job done
  9. Sweet well this is it! Just need to sort the wiring out! Was just testing temps! And some build pics:)
    advice on c02, never used it 
    you can grow a good crop without adding extra co2
    good airflow is all you need
    all start here jacked
    will be good to see your setup
  12. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

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  13. The second pic is just with the led panels before installing the cfl.
  14. at first you need one led 8" above the plants, having all the lights on, is just a wast of electria at this stage
  15. Sweet so they will be fine for once they germinated for a while??
    Should I use the cfl for flowering maby??
  16. yeh you may end up needing both leds and cfl in late veg and flower
    The leds give a good spread of light but after you get 24" from the light its too weak
    so you need the top of the plants to be 8" from the lights
  17. Thanks joe will give that a bash
  18. yo Joe, have you planted the seeds yet? ive got the sam and their not sprouting after 8 days, got a ww racing ahead :(
  19. I have germinated seeds many time and most the time I get 100% to germinate
    water some soil so its damp (not soaked) holes about 5mm deep, too put the seeds In, you only just cover the seeds with soil

    low airflow, try and keep the humidty high 70% and the temp round 20-25c
    use a low watt light, a 9 watt t5 or cfl light is good

    after about 3 days they all should be germinated

    and need a more powerfull light

    if you need any more help you can start your own thread
    and I will help you
  20. Hey guys!! Sorry for taking so long! Built a flower room 400 w hid! All is going good!
    Germination rate was 4 out of 5 seeds! And they are going well! 1 jack herer 2 aurora indica 1 skunk#1 and getting 3 clones tonight! Here's some pics on my progress! They are only 6 days old!

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