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  1. Ok so ive been reading a few journals and like how everyone helps out so I am going to start one especially since this my first indoor grow. This is a budget grow and comepletly legal, i have my CA Rec.

    Ok so I built a grow box out of dry wall and good 1 x 4 i had laying around. As you guys can see i have foil surrounding the inside. Was gonna use white paint but i felt the foil would help keep any outside lite from entering and keeping it warm because this in my garage. To protect from the cold i have the lights on at night. All three of these sprouted the Day before halloween and had one more that was a couple days later but she is no longer with us RIP. They are all bag seeds they got mixed up during a move so idk whats what but there was purple tonic seed X2, Afgan Kush x2, Winter Green OG (which i think is my big girl). They get watered as needed by the finger in the top soil method. The lights are 36 watt CFL's (x3). I have my 2 smaller plants under 2 of the CFL's and my bigger one under a single light. I have to have it this way because I do not wish to destroy the lamp that powers them.

    My yahoo didnt get the pictures of the two smaller ones, i will be uploading them 2day or tomarrow. My big girl tho has a deffiecency im not sure of yet, hoping you guys can help. She barely started showing signs. Said to say her soil was recycled from a pot because i didnt have the soil and she germinated quick so a deficiency in the soil is doubted. I added a little layer of new soil that i got for support and very little nutes. Will check on her when she wakes up. She has way outgrown the other 2 and I do not know why expecially using the old soil. Im pretty stone :smoke: and not sure what else to add here so if you got any questions lay em on me.
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    Forgot the pictures lol. aint the prettiest box but she works lol. and that hole releasing light at the top is fixed now.

    Isnt she just the cutest! i'll post her sister up tomarrow

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