1st indoor closet cfl grow w/ pics - all suggestions appreciated

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  1. hi everyone!

    this is my first grow and i'd appreciate any tips this comm has to offer. a couple details :
    -im growing in a small 2 x 2 closet for now. i can move the plants to a bigger area if needed once they flower.
    -24 hr cfl cycle. 6 bulbs, at ~28-32 watts each, all daylight spectrum.
    -planted seeds sept 11
    -bubblicious seeds from nirvana, 8/10 have germinated.
    -triple mix (soilless) watering every 2-3 days when soil is about an inch dry.
    -humidity is around 40%, temperature i feel is a bit high, 28 C, 82 f

    setup is 6 bulbs using 3 y adapters into a wooden board, connected using an extension cord with dongles that run up to a timer in the closet. i keep the door open and run the white plastic over the board to help retain light. all walls in the closet are lined with white plastic as well. i use paper towels to absorb water that drains out the pot.

    as you can see from the pics, the bottom leaves are a bit yellow. the leaves all used to be nice and perky but the old ones are dropping. my guess is low n? i used a very low concentration of fert. less than half of recommended dose. 20-20-15. used it just once, yesterday to try and help the situation.

    any tips, suggestions, comments are appreciated!

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  2. the angle of the picture might be misleading, but it looks like you get your closer to your plants. CFL's are pretty cool, compared to other lights, you can get them 2-4 inches away from the plant and be perfectly safe.
  3. brought the lights closer now. there's a lot of new growth..all the new leaves are nice and green, and looking very healthy. im not too worried about the older leaves atm. things are looking good
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    More light required... you will need another 4 lamps at least imo.

    What about ventilation? What's the intake/exhaust set up?
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    First off...did you check the spectrum of the lights?
    Certain specialty departments of home improvements sell full spectrum CFLS but you'd be hard pressed to find them at say...a target...or possibly a K-mart.

    If not, there's a really cheap solution to this...GE makes a wonderful bulb called "Plant and Aquarium F15" this is a full spectrum fluorescent bulb that is 18 inches, currently I have four in a similar space as shown in your pictures, but frankly 3 seem to be doing the trick...whats more, they run cheap (very cheap) at 15 watts.

    As far as your ventilation goes, a small fan facing away from the plants will work, if you're worried about the smell you have another few cheap options....a glade wisp works decently...not to mention what I use...hold onto your seat :D

    I was tired of the funny questions I was getting from guests "what is that smell??" so I decided that I would jerry rig a carbon air filter. The design of most air filters sold in grow cabinets is quite simple, it's a carbon filter screen places (usually) in front of the exhaust of the fan (frankly I prefer it to be in front of the intake.)

    So in a nut shell, I bought some panty house and a small jar of activated carbon (you can buy the carbon at any local walmart.) I cut two circles out of the panty hose, and sew the circles together but before finishing the seem, poured in about half a cup of the activated carbon and equally mashed it around...I then put 5-6 downy softener sheets over the filter, which I taped over a $4 fan from walmart...

    It all works out beautifully.

    basically it's an expensive sploof, but a cheap air filter.
  6. the spectrum was all in the 5500k+ range...i think things have really improved a few days after adding nutes. they're vegging quite nicely now. i have a house fan rotating and blowing. the closet door is open...i'm not concerned about the smell (we own our house).

    theyve grown quite nice. very bushy, no stretching at all. i was thinking of starting LST but the leaves are so close together its hard to tell if i should wait until the stem grows a bit taller.

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