1st Hydro, 10 Tops, LST from Homemade Fem Seed, FLOWERING

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by sikabuyin, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Thanks for the reply, ill just mist the grow room twice a day, but not directly on the plant. I think that will be better for me in my case, also cant wait for my buds to fill out more they've already shown a good growth in a 9 day gap, as i said above i still want them to fill out more and lots more too.

    Check my grow again got somes ok updates in there;)

    Keep up the hard work:D
  2. As soon as you see trichs, stop misting. Mark me down as a fan of NOT foliar spraying. Of course if there are bugs or a major deficiency then OK foliar spray is fast.

    Sika please show me which one is a hermiwe. I did not see any balls.
  3. I've been meticulously clipping them all off. There have been 15 or so but none in a few days. I've only caught one after it opened. The buds look ten times better than my last hermie.

    Oh, it's just one plant so it's all hermie
  4. Thanks ive decided not to mist anymore!!

    Love this journal please update sikabuyin love your buds!!
  5. Any updates mate?;) just checking up on ya.
  6. water kills pollen so while you are searching for bananas you should keep spraying. grab an extra fan to lower your chances for budrot

    good luck
  7. Don't take the micky mate. I have many reasons to why im not spraying ok!.

    And ive searched and got feedback:rolleyes:
  8. My lady took one for the team. It doesn't really matter since she's really a he/she. We'll see if I can rejuvenate it.

    The ph was okay but the ec was way low @ 0.3. I've got it up to around 1.2 so hopefully some of the few leaves I have left will re-green, hopefully.

  9. Lookin nice bro hope thos yellow leaves turn back green just in time for ya harvest!:smoke:

    Nice grow so far:D
  10. How much longer you reckon sika?
  11. With all the stress she may be as late as Christmas. Could be as early as Dec 7th.
  12. What should the EC be? I don't want it too high because it may shock her even more but I want to make sure she gets all the food she can use. I'm new to this whole EC thing.

    Ph is still a grey area for me too. I have a book by Jorge Cervantes and he says that the hydro ph is 5.5-6.5 ideally 5.8-6.0 but ppl here say otherwise.

    Could someone give me a breakdown for both EC and PH for all stages of growth.

  13. Anyone please help me with the EC. I've tried searching but ec is too common to search for. I've gone through many of the guides but still nothing.

    I've got it at about 1.5 up from 0.3. I really don't want to burn it I want a recovery.
  14. She has re greened all over. Well, all but the leaves that were dead anyway. Have a look

  15. The EC was just @ 1.5 (Edit: my tap water is 0.34 so it was actually 1.47) but I added some grow big to up it to 1.9. I didn't realize I needed both grow big and tiger bloom in the flowering phase. I'm still using the soil grow big but have a gallon of the hydro grow big on the way. The ph is around 5.6.
  16. Are you my brother? My brother has two border collies that look exactly like the ones in your avatar.

    Oh, btw. Nice plant man. Turned out great for being a hermie.
  17. Unless your nickname used to be 5280ftHigh you aren't my brother. The Blue one is actually an Aussie. Both breeds are the shit. The red/white border is my frisbee dog George. The Aussie, Gus, just herds George and anything else that moves.
  18. I change the water every couple of weeks but don't have anything to flush with. How necessary is it to flush?
  19. I'm not a big flusher (ha), but I'd have to say it's necessary to do it about 2 weeks before harvest. It takes the harshness of the nutes out of the bud.

    I'm wondering a question, as well. I see that you've cut off all the leaves except around the bud. The grow bible I have says not to do this, however I understand one piece of literature on growing isn't necessarily a given for growing.

    So, how do you feel this grow has gone since cutting down all your other leaves? Have you had previous experience with this method? Anyone else have an opinion. It would be great information for my next grow.

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