1st Hydro, 10 Tops, LST from Homemade Fem Seed, FLOWERING

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  1. Look at those massive tap roots coming down on the right!
  2. im pretty sure you can cut off the seed pods and still produce some pretty good buds. make sure you snip at a 45 degree angle and make sure you get them all and pay attention to new ones forming
  3. Well there are no more balls but there are a ton of bud sites!:D

    She's a little sick though. Could someone help me out with the diagnosis? The ph is 5.3 and I just changed water with micro nutes and very mild flowering nutes (Fox Farm Tiger Bloom and Big Buds) My EC meter hasn't arrived yet so I'm still guessing. I used 1/6th strength.

    It's 4:20, I'm getting high:smoke:

  4. So are u sticking by your claim that hermies breed hermies 100% of the time???

    Because your rush to judgment on the subject is what I was talking about. When u told me the sap on the first plant I ever topped was a HUGE problem I almost shit myself lol but it turned out to be fine, there was another example of a post u made where u rushed to judgment and ended up being wrong but I forget now. . . It is documented here on GC and apparently in the Mel Frank Book about hermies and females, is it not??

    Do you have any documentation to the contrary besides ur personal opinion?? I WOULD like to see it and if you DO have some that might have been more helpful to a new grower than just saying "ur screwed dude" its the tone u use and used with me that seems to indicate you find pleasure in telling ppl they're "screwed" this is why I felt a need to stand up and reassure dude that just cuz u say hes screwed doesnt mean he necessarily is.

    As VTEC said u didnt even know for sure if it was hermie and you were already gloating lol. Just another example of u rushing to judgment in my opinion. If it turned out male would u have said "oops I was wrong"??? No matter, I am not one to argue like this - I just wanted to make my point clear that it wasn't about whether or not u were right (I personally have NO IDEA about breeding hermie seeds and NEVER claimed to) its just the overzealous way you seem ot burst others bubbles so hastily that bothers me. If you are going to sink someones hopes about something, For god sakes make sure you know what you are talking about, which AT LEAST in my case with the sap after topping U didn't.

    nuff said. Oh, and dinner has two 'n's

    {EDIT} Some more info on hermies, dont quote me on it :)

    Hermies all depend on the method of hermaphroditism.

    If a strain, like Thais, or some good africans have hermie genetics, they sometimes have hermies "just pop up from nowhere." Really, if one is breeding, they really should discard ALL hermies, as these are really genetically inferior, as "mixed sex." Think of all the plants that can be solidly determined to be male OR female. That's what you want. Even plants down the line can show up with "he/shes" of varying degrees generations later. This kind of hermie is BAD. Grow it out, if you like, their good smoke, no doubt.

    If you force a plant to hermie from chemical means, like Silver/STS, then these so-called "hermies" really aren't. These "hermies" turn out to produce 100% female seeds. This is the technique actual scientists use for experiments. Like real botanists. That know what they're doing! This technique is peer-reviewed and PROVEN. Anyone who tells you different, just doesn't know what they're talking about (period).

    If someone says "just wait until late in flowering..." That's a bad hermie. Really, what seed companies do tell you how they make their female seeds? And why not?

    Sure, some people won't like this answer, some will say that STS is carcinogenic (a lie), or poison you don't want in your smoke. The fact is, there won't be enough silver in such a seed to be even measurable in a grown out plant. These people could often be taken as flakes, but I'll just leave them as "misinformed," or mistaken.
  5. I thought I noticed from the first set of pics from the other day, they were fert burned. However at 1/6 th strength I don't know how that could be.
  6. they look under fed to me.whats the ec of your solution?i would also raise the ph to 5.5-5.8 as iv always found mine to feed best in that range
  7. I raised the ph. I think it was just too low.

    For the record there are no more male balls left and no more appear to be popping up. As for the buds they look great. they don't look all airy like hermies normally do. actually they're filling out quite nicely
  8. good shit man, best of luck!!!
  9. About time mate hows you anyway? bloody hell thoese babys have grown alot since the last time i saw em. Keep up the hard work and keep ya chin up.:D

    Mines 3weeks in flowering btw what ya think:

  10. lookin real nice man. Any idea what the strain is? One of my plants looks really familiar. Should be some pics in my thread or gallery. check the sig. I just started flowering too
  11. Hermie or not this bitch is rockin'
  12. Tasssty Tasssssty
  13. Nice. Cant wait til I start growin.
  14. Hiya Silka...these are looking all right aren't they :). I have to agree with Brokencage here though:

    You do need an EC meter...do you have one?
  15. Do you spray your buds cos they look wet? if so, when do you spray them and what with water? water thats been still for 2days with lid off etc?

    Cos my buds are drying up alil and was thinking of spraying them to cool them down.

    Any advice mate?

    My baby day 25
  16. Hey man I just read through the whole thread and I was worried for awhile but im glad to see that there budding well. good luck man ill be watching
  17. so wait, those buds are smokable right?
  18. They already have a really heavy and distinct smell. I can't wait.

    Start now, you'll never regret it.
    They are underfed. My PH is an issue right now because my "Hanna" ph meter is on the fritz. The reason the plants were wet is because I have resorted to foliar feeding. There are nutes is the water but the ph is too low so their locked out.

    I have a pretty sweet meter on the way. It is a plug in model that continually monitors the PH EC and temp. Unfortunately though it is coming from China so it might take a bit.

    As i said the in previous reply I have been foilar feeding in order to give her some food. If feeding is unnessesary than ph balanced chlorine free water can't hurt. Some people don't like misting but I like it.EDIT: The main reason people don't is it may burn the leaves as the water acts like a magnifying glass. My room is dry and it helps bring the RH up. It also gives me a chance to inspect her in detail. I spray both sides of all of the leaves with the water or nute solution. use 1/4 strength of your normal concentration for foliar feeding. Oh, water kills pollen too. That may not be of any use to you but if I missed a pollen sack or two the water will help prevent any unwanted pollination.

    Thanks man, I just hope these buds fill out.

    That's right!

    I don't follow.

    I grew under floros with 24/7 until it was rooted. I then put it under a 250w MH for 18/6. Then I added the 400w HPS and switched to 12/12. As I changed to 12/12 I took off the time in increments but the day only got shorter. I never deviated from 12/12 once I was there.

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