1st Hydro, 10 Tops, LST from Homemade Fem Seed, FLOWERING

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  1. you got me man
  2. Plants look cool mate, keep up the good work...:smoking:

    Give it another few days and watch her grow!!! hairs everywhere to but they'll be small so dont panic, will grow much much bigger!!


  3. Thanks man! I'm so damn anxious I feel like pulling out all of my hair. The amount of nutrient solution she takes in daily tells me she has a lot of growing to do. All I have to do is keep the PH in check and make sure the right nutes are in there.

    I did a little more light LST last night so in a few hours, come closet sunrise, I post a few more pics.

  4. The only problem I see with this fear is that a seed with no hermie genes at all [read good genetics] could theoretically hermie from environmental factors alone.

    As for sika's seeds, we will just have to wait and see.
  5. Thats alot of roots and its not that old lol, that baby should be huge when fully flowered.
  6. Thats more than one plant right?

    You must plan to SOG??

    Cant wait to see more pics..

    Thats a lot of roots!!!!
  7. It's Just one Plant mate. I'm actually not planning on doing SOG. I really don't want to slow the growth down any more because I really want to harvest before Christmas. I'll get some more root shots in a little bit.
  8. Hey Silka......WOW the roots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think mine are like that...they are just massing a little out of the bottom of the pots trying to get into the res.

    I'm praying for a girl for you mate, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

    I'll subscribe to this thread as it's great to have someone around the same stage as me.

    Going by some things that have been said on my thread I will be lucky to be harvesting AT christmas :mad:

    Looking at your hydro set up and other peoples' it looks like I need a different and more efficient hydro system, but my problem is being able to keep the res outside of the grow room: I don't think I can do that. With the res under the plants and lower humidity required in flower I'm going to have some fun and games keeping the relative humidity down with all that water in the little grow space. I'm quite worried about that.

    You're doing a great job by the looks of it though, nice one man...I'll stick around
  9. I'm not sure about Harvesting as late as Christmas. Lets say today is day one of my flowering phase, noting that you are already in the glorious phase. The typical flowering period is 8-10 weeks (56-70 days.) Which means my plants will be due between the 6th and the 20th of December. Furthermore, Hydro plants grow faster as a result of not spending as much energy on root growth. I'm not sure if that means they mature faster as well but I doubt it will be any longer than 10 weeks. So my bet is we will both have a very merry Christmas.

    As far as Humidity goes you may be in luck because winter is approaching. When it gets cold enough outside to turn your furnace on the RH in your house will go down and subsequently in your grow room. If you have a humidifier on your furnace I would disable it. If need be you could always get a small Dehumidifier for your grow room.

    And as for the roots, what sort of air stones do you have. I found a massive 6" airstone disk. The fact that your roots are all at the bottom suggests that they are seeking out oxygen. My roots have always floated at the top. Granted now that the root ball is so massive they do tuch the bottom now.

    Best of luck man! I'll be pulling up a chair on your grow for sure.
  10. your grow looks great...are you only growing the one plant? i found with mine that the roots did slow their growth through out the flowering... mine seemed to focus so much on bud production. But hey i have only grown once... anyway, good luck on the sexing i am pulling for a female.... hermi's suck... i had one and it was one of my biggest, a huge bummer.
    how old is your girl?
  11. [​IMG]

    I'm going to kill myself!!!

    A few hours ago there was only 3 sets of these now the plant is covered with them. There are a few sets of pistols though. WTF should I do? Should I assume all of my seeds are fucked or did all of the topping cause this?

  12. Well pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start another one.

    Hopefully Female next time.
  13. Well it looks like Mel Frank was wrong and urgr8estfear was right. Your hermie that you used to pollinate the other female must not have been mostly female. Other than that who knows. Sorry man.
  14. Is this the female part?

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  15. No worries man. It's all just one big learning experience for me. I'm sick of buying but it looks like I won't have a choice for the next 4 months or so. Minutes after I confirmed that they were in fact pollen sacks I started germing my last 6 seeds from Dr. Chronics. Unfortunately I may be doomed already because these are the same strain that hermed in the first place. I noticed on the Dr.'s web page that white widow web is no longer there. Perhaps it's because all of their damn seeds are prone to become hermies. All I need from the six seeds I have is one pure female and I'll just make a mother out of her. I'm thinking what I will do is put all six under 12/12 as soon as they are rooted and determine which is 100% lady then revert to veg let her grow big enough to 4-6 clones and hydro grow all of them. I've been growing for 10 months now and only have one 100% female under my belt and we both know how sick she was. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and throwing money down the drain. Damn man, I just want to have my own consistent supply, you know.

    I think that's a dog hair. What I think may be the pistols are too small to get a clear pic of without a better lens. Then again maybe it's 100% male.

    If it has any girlie parts I'm not stopping. I've got nothing to loose at this point.

    What are the chances my seeds are 100% female but the stress from topping caused it to go hermie?
  16. Then where are the female parts? If that is a hair it looks like a full male not hermie. I doubt topping one time would force it to hermie. Maybe over prunning would but topping once? I doubt it.

  17. Diner is being served!:D
    I'm in no way offended....but you just lost your money.
    I thought about it long before I spoke, but then again how could I expect you to know that?

    Anyway, I still 'command : VOTE KICK HERMIES' any day of the week.
    Bad genetics are the original cause of hermies.
    'Stress' as people call it, simpy acts as a trigger for symptoms.
    Plants with good genetics you could beat to a pulp and they'd still not go hermie on you.
    So Sikabuyin should get some good seeds, reset his grow, and induldge himself in his next grow adventure.
    Thats why I think anyway....
  18. I agree urgr8est. But, you remember my first LED grow ended in hermies from wrong spectrum etc. Those were with good seeds. Stress can trigger good genetics to go bad. I don't think sika stressed his though. But I am still not even convinced he even has a hermie. The picture shows a male and the one female part he says is a dog hair. Can we see a pic of both the female and male parts or did you kill it?
  19. I figure since I have nothing else going I might as well keep her/it going. Here's a picture update. The roots are massive!!!

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