1st hawaiian seedbank pua mana ohana

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by TheWeedian666, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. Hello, and thanks for reading. I recently discovered a seed company that I think is one of the most efficient ways to purchase seeds if you live in USA. It's convenient and the seeds arrived to me here in California in 3 days. The seeds include all of the classic hawaiian strains like maui waui and kona gold and many other new strains they have developed. I ordered twice from them and both packages arrived quickly! I will be growing out some of their seeds this year outdoors since it is a tropical landrace strain. They have a feminized strain I wanted to try but couldn't resist getting the kona gold. Their packaging is super stealthy in case you are worried about that. Good seed company!!
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  2. Puamana is a fraud. He has no credibility in Hawaii and majority of the real growers here know he is a straight up joke. He makes up stories just to sell seeds.
  3. Idk. I can't say i know whats going on in hawaii but the seeds i bought from them all germinated. So far so good, I'll post some pictures when they get bigger.
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  4. Im sure you got some real cannabis seeds, they just arent legit old school hawaiian genetics.
  5. do you know where i could get some seeds so i could do a side by side comparison?
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  6. Just so everyone knows about this shady as fuck seed company. The breeder has been caught making numerous fake profiles on various forums like RIU to promote his company. He also has threatened to inform law enforcement on people that disagree with him. So not only is he a FRAUD but he is a snitch as well. I've got plenty of screenshots I can put up.
  7. This was a post from one of Puamana's account where he threatens to call his family in law enforcement
  8. haha, thats not even me bro. You actually liked my pics and thanked me for sharing before you got banned. You need me to screen shot that for you too?
  9. So funny, you are doing the exact same fake profile trolling to completely prove my point that you are a delusional fraud.
  10. Lol...another melt down by the delusional pua mana troll...so classic. I'm not even rikdabrik lmao
  11. one day you will get some, until then you can write about it in your self-discovery essay

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