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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Gettinkrunkd, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Well its what the title says....Unfortunately I had to cut it short, so heres what I got. BTW its just bagseed from some mids I had. Smells like a skunk got ahold my hands! Im lookin forward to smokin my first homegrown


  2. nice grow for a first a , if u dont mind me asking y did u have to cut it short couldnt wait :D? thats exaclty what i did in my very first grow which i rly rly ended up regretting but nice job hope its first of many, bet u learned alot...
  3. i was about 5 weeks into giving nutes...etc weekly per fox farms schedule. Anyways, before i found this forum I didnt know shit about growing pot...etc. Anyways I used miracle grow moisture control...etc well all of a sudden the last 2 weeks it starts getting mad yellow leaves...etc curling tips...all signs of nute burn from what i read and saw of pics, well i flush it with 15-18 gal water...etc like readbut it just keeps getting worse, finally to the point this week to where about 3/4 leaves are yellow/brown really crispy..etc do i said f it and cut it early, i mean ill still get some yields, although not what i COULD have had, but its better than nthing. Anyways I got about 10 WW sprouts outside and 3 B52 aswell, so Im not really worried, theyll be getting a new home inhere soon anyway. Sorry for the long answers, lmao im high
  4. That MG shit'll kill em! Good job though! Nothing beats smoking your own homegrown!

  5. yea unfortunatly bro i had to find out first hand. I knew ater findinf this forum..etc that miracle grow was bad news, but i had my hopes up that bein so far into the grow it wouldnt affect it.......
  6. Hey man, I'd hate to tell you this but I think you chopped your plant way early for absolutely no reason! It is natural for a lot of plants to show moderate to severe yellowing of the fan leaves as your plant is getting closer to it's ripe date. This is due to the lack of Nitrogen in your Fox Farm flowering nutes, and a higher concentration in Potassium to stimulate large flower growth. All the older fan leaves start to yellow first and works it's way up to the buds. This is because Nitrogen is a mobile nutrient and the plant will send it to where it is needed. Hence your plant had a Nitrogen difficiancy, which is ok to a certain extent in this stage.

    The biggest problem with Miracle grow is that the stuff is enriched with time release fertiliser capsules. These only last for 3 months at the absolute max. If any burning was going to take place you would have noticed it a lot earlier in the veg stage, NOT the end of the flowering stage! The moisture control stuff that you used would also create overwatering problems because that shit never dries out! This is also something you would have already noticed in the veg stage, not the flower stage. By the time the plant is flowering, it has a well developed root system and is hard as hell to over water.

    Also, flushing your plant would have only made this situation seem worse as you are just flushing what Nitrogen is in the soil out! That is why you never saw an improvement and probably noticed it get worse.

    Again, hate to be the bearer of bad news but I pretty sure this was the case for you. Good learning experience for you though as you can only learn from your mistakes.
  7. yea bud i totally agree with you. thing is it just wasnt a little bit of yellowing, when i chopped yesterday it was at the point that 3/4 leaves were dark brown and shriveled and almost like really really crispy. put it to ya like this, the plants leaves were so crispy that the fan blowing on it was blowing them off
  8. I'm having a similiar situation going on right now with my grow, which is about 9 weeks into flowering.
    A lot of the fan leaves started showing s "sprinkling" of yellow that quickly spread over the entire leaf in a few days, with the leaves becoming full yellow and brittle.
    In my case not all 6 girls are affected and the yellowing is confined to the upper leaves, about the height and length of the main cola.

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