1st GUERILLA Gr0w.

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  1. hey guysss i just got to thinking 2 hours ago that i should just start a guerilla grow since i'm in the perfect area. I have 2 plants going already but two just isnt enough haha...so i went searching for a spot.....and finally after an hour...PERFECT SPOT!!! i have pics of it too...its nice and concealed, far distance away from people,,,,,,and u have to know how to get there or else you are walking through 200 yards of poison ivy, oak, etc....he he he....

    So ya, is it to late to start a crop? winter here starts around halloween....
    and how many plants do u think i should plant? u think i could do it on a 400$ budget?

    gimmmee feedback.

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  2. From now on, every day you leave it reduces your veg time and thus your yield.
  3. so to late you think?
  4. wow perfect setup, + rep
  5. Thanks :D

    hah your display name is dopee cause its all l33t
  6. Hey -

    It is not to late but you do want to get started now.... You could start in July or Aug but you would have less time for veg growth and thus your yield would be less. Start now and you will do fine!! Have fun and with not a lot of effort you could end up with lots of bud....

    Kisses -
  7. dopee thanks! i just need to run off to walmart and get some soilll.....shit thats going to be sooooo damn HARDDDDDDDD to take like 3 bags way down there hah......
    Oh hey i have a quick questionnn...how do u trigger a plant in veg to start budding?....do u just start giving it a budding nute/food?...i know that when u put it down to a 12/12 light it starts that....but this is outdoors so i dunno meh.

  8. This is outdoor, it will flower when it is ready. When it detects the days are getting shorter.
  9. ohhhh i see. i didnt know that they detected when to ha...never really thought about that before. Thx spanishfly. How are you white widdow's coming along btw?
  10. Good, thank you. 4 ladies now.
  11. guerilla grow? man you got aLOT of work to do. all i see right now is forest, possibility, opportunity, and chance.
  12. hah ya i just need to buy like 4 bags of soil....get that last of my like 8 seeds to sprout....then dig some holes....somehow pull 100$ out of my ass...buy damn nutes, ferts, etc etc etccccc......HOPEFULLY the damn company i bought my real nice expencive seeds from can get me my seeds before the f@#$ing year ends so i can use those instead of lamo bag seeds ha.
  13. I'm not sure how many plants you are going to grow, but why not use your bagseed? (unless its total shwag) I've used ONLY bagseed and grwon dankest of the dank. I would get started on germinating ANY seeds right away..

    quick tips:

    Make sure to dig BIG holes.. hole size = root size = bud size. When you think you have a big enough hole, dig some more.

    try your best to go organic.

    if you live in deer country and your plants are small you may want to piss around your spot, put hair around the plants or even build a fence / chicken wire.

    make sure to weed out the males before pollination occurs.

    Tieing down your plants has proven to be extremely significant. I like to top my plant once when they are young, and tie down the plant when it is a little older. You can fool around with topping/LST if you have many plants and see what works best for you!:D but defiantly suggest one if not both. I had one plant last year and because of LST and topping i got 6 ounces off of her. GOOD luck
  14. Can I just ask, everyone seems to be talking about buying dirt/soil n stuff and while, I can see that it's a quick-arse way to get what you want, why hasn't the idea of making your own compost heap and mixing that with dirt you find around your home been mentioned? You know exactly what nutes etc have gone into it and while it's time consuming it's a lot damn cheaper and easy to explain if someone gets a little too nosey!
  15. HAH , be realistic man, no teenage kid and then some is gunna go through all that trouble, i mean if it's accessible and everything but too much work. at night on several occasions i make a trip to the grocery store and grab a few bags of composted organic soil.
  16. Now see, that's just plain old lazy.. I don't know what's gotten into the young whippersnappers these days.. :p
  17. lazy? bud you tellin me about lazy, lets see your 100 plant crop, i'm just not an old whippersnapper that has all day to prepare a compost.
  18. You know the dirt in the photos like just great. He says he has $400. Hell he can get a army shovel, worm castings, high p bat guano, water crystals, a box of lawn and garden bags and garden lime for less then $100. That will make four 4x4x4 holes with the dirt from the holes. That kick ass spot he has there is already growing good heathy vegetation and with less work then hauling up some big ass bag of soil he can be all organic and very low maintenance. And bonus if he uses the same spots every year they only get better.
    Lets say you get 10 to 20 seed mail order that only 5 to 10 females when all is said and done. So why not throw an extra 20 or so "bag-seeds" in just for gravy.
    So I guess I see at as he is already going to have to dig the hole why not make them right for cheaper and absolutely put some of the favorite seeds out of you good bags in with the rest. 5 to 10 females from the mail order another 8 to 10 females from the favorite schwag thats 20 female plants in those four holes. With the right love and attention thats should be on the big side of a couple of pounds.
  19. By the looks of the vegatation the plants should grow kick ass even if you put them in a tiny hole and left them to fend for themselfs, I realize you arent, but they are plants and they will do suprisingly well on there own but your gonna wanna make them better. one thing, if your not shure, ask then try, its better to lose a little yield and havea crop then to experiment and kill your shit. all i can say is good loose soil and keep and eye out for wildlife, they will eat that shit up.
  20. wow Jonster, a little touchy this morning were we? Chill.

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