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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Johnsy, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. started growing this baby a few weeks ago, what do yous think?

    theres a little twist in the leaves but i think she'll be okay.

    When should i be repotting?

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  2. Looks pretty hot.. considering the amount of moving around she's done ;)
  3. Looks good. GL with your grow
  4. Thanks, im a bit puzzled as to why i didn't get many replies... anyway, heres 2 new pics:

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  5. hi mate what size pot is it in at the moment
  6. ive repotted her from a foam cup now to a plastic 2l milk container.

    Shes still going well, i got some more seeds tomorow, but im going to save all bar 2 for "proper" growing season.
  7. Your plant's looking good, i hope my 6 look like that in a few more days. :smoking:
  8. Newbies tend to repot much too often. I start my sprouts off in 5 litre mineral water bottles. They stay in those until they show sex. Then the girls go into 11 UKgallon pots, the boys go on the compost heap.

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