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  1. hey guys, bassically just wanting some extra help/advice to get the best out of my plant.. im only growing the one and its a fem big bang 2 seed.. im using a 45w cfl 6500k buld and im awaiting delivery of a 85w 6500k.. shes 9 days old and has four "real leaves" the soil is canna coco. light routine is a 18/6 and i havnt fed her any nutes as of yet.. im also awaiting a generic household fan to add to set up..

    ill try figure outhow to upload pics soon.. but what should i be expecting of a 9 day old plant? and is there anything else i should/could be doing?
  2. Not much from 9 days, like your saying a small plant with a few sets of leaves.

    I'd add any other CFL I had to the area until the new one shows up. Put any kind of fan on the plant to help it build that resistance that makes it so strong :) No nutes needed yet so you are good there. (unless the canna coco has none, Ive never used that)

    Not much to do in the initial stages, you've got the baby growing and that seems to be better than some hehehe :)

    If you have money to spend there are a million things you could add, but figuring your waiting on a fan and a new CFL I would wager this is a budget grow and basics will suffice.
  3. Sounds like everything is coming a long okay. you wont need nutes for another week or two.
  4. i was gonna add a household philips bulb in there.. its like 14w (75w light) energy band A.. but i know very little about bulbs so i thought best not, seen as the plant is growing and looking healthy.. i dont have a fan at all until this new one turns up from ebay, but there is a window right next to my grow room and ive been thinking of just leaving that open now and then untill the fan shows up??
  5. throw that 14w in there, the more light the better
  6. i have a few household cfl's so ill throw a couple in there..
    im also not sure when to transplant.. i have a 3 gallon bucket to transplant to, ive drilled holes for drainage but i sometimes think maybes its too big??
  7. a picture would help on when to transplant.

    as for transplanting, a 3 gal is fine. I've grown some real big plants in a 3 gal. I prefer 5, but it all depends on the size of your plant.
  8. excellent! ill figure out how to upload pics and ill take some when the lights are due back on.. thanks for the advice buddy!
  9. No problem, here's a skunk plant I grew in a 3 gal bucket. They work well

  10. wow! thats one hel of a plant that man! haha.. i cant be having summit that big in me house lol.. im thinking a four footer would be perfect for me.. any good ideas on how i could achieve this? and by four foot i mean 4ft after flower not before..
  11. aww someone has done a little research! finally! ha but you want to flower the plant when it is half the size you desire. a plant during flower can get 2-3 times bigger! but you also have to have the lights to support that big of a plant...
  12. cheers man.. yeah im thinking i will add more lights as i go, sticking with the higher watt cfl's.. im only growing to see how it feels to get high of your own supply. anything over an ounce will make me happy.. but the main reason i dont wanna HUGE plant is im guessing it will stink my entire house out lol
  13. evan a small plant can stink up your whole house depending on what it is. you can smell it when some1 has a gram on them imagine a whole plant thats growing with more then just one gram.
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  15. so this is day 15.. i transplanted three days ago into a 3gal bucket..

    just a few questions:
    1, does it look healthy enough?
    2, how often and how much watering should i be doing?
    3, when should i start using nutes?

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  16. 1. I think it looks very healthy
    2. Water when the top few inches of the soil are dry, (so should be around every 2-4 days) add water in dribbles around the stem slowly until the water starts to come out of the drainage holes near the bottom of the bucket. If there is not any drainage holes in the bucket then just try to estimate the amount but do not over-water as you will drown the roots.
    3. Id give it at least another week before adding nutes

    Peace :smoke:
  17. cheers man! yeah i drilled in some drainage holes.. thanks for the advice dude, it really helps :)
  18. hiya man,

    i forgot to ask a question about fans.. ive just got a fan today, it has two speeds on it and i was wondering when is the best time to use it and how fast?
  19. I have a 3 speed fan, I have it on high. Its fast enough if the fan isnt tilted against a wall the fans suction nocks it over :)

    I need strong plants, or they fall over from the colas.

    If they never had it, start it out slower if its not hurting them after a few days or a week nock it up to the higher setting.

    Only way your going to really hurt your plants is if the wind is so strong its breaking and bending it. You should be ok!

    As for when to use it, mine is on only during light but thats because I sleep as well. Id like to leave it on 24/7 and I think thats best for them.
  20. cheers man. i have it on the low setting at the moment and its pretty close to the plant as i dont have much space left in the grow room.. it seems to be doing ok but have i to be looking for signs of stem breakage or bending stems??? the fan also blows one of my lights around.. will that be a problem or will the plant still benifit that light?

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