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  1. ok I started my grow with the wet paper towel and plastic bag. Now I have seedling, so I put them in my super cloner but really don't know if my lights need to be on 24hr, or 18hr on and 6hr off at this point? My seedling has grown about one inch out of the rockwool. I am working with a supercloset but the dvd is no help, it does not break the steps down. It explains as if everything is one process instead of multiple steps.
  2. Bygsyx6: Your headed in the right direction. Gentle light nothing harsh, fluoresent soft light will do well. Start them in the right direction use the 18 hrs on. Do not add nutes till they have established some growing leaves. Use distilled water and when you start a nutrient program start slow and work up. Even Babys don't eat steak at birth. Once they have established a root system transplant them into larger Rock wool cubes. Soak the cubes into a 5.5 Ph solution for 8 hrs prior to transplant.
    what type of Hydro are you using, dwc,ebb/flow,yda yada yada.? get my drift. The older they get(like women the more beautifull they get) feed them a little bit more nutes. My girls are on a General Hydroponic Flora diet. Getting fatter every day!!!

    Live long and prosper
  3. I am using the super deluxe closet it came with 400w bulb,T-5 fluorescent lights, eco 4 air pump, exc 185 air pump, 4 air diffuser, and the technaflora recipe for success kit to get started for the nutrients. i will have to get one more timer to be about to do the 18hrs on and 6hrs off so i can have clones and flowering at the same time. unclear about dwc,ebb/flow you talk about. thanks for your input well recieved.
  4. Hey bygsyx6, i have some questions on the Supercloset Deluxe. What cfm is the exhaust fan rated for? How much air is exhausted out of the closet?

    Also, how is the co2 setup integrated? Is there a hole somewhere you can stick the valve in? Sorry if I am asking too many questions but I am trying to figure out how co2 is integrated and how a constant ppm can be maintained inside the closet. I would hate to buy a Sentinel environmental controller without knowing the co2 setup can be automated with the closet.

    Thanks and congrats on the closet purchase!
  5. I looked at my paperwork and did not see the rating for my fans but I can say the fan is a 6 inch fan but I will call them this week to find out. On the co2 system I did not buy it wanted to get to know my box before I spend more money on this system but the box do have a hole to stick the co2 line and I think the co2 is manual.
  6. so i have a similar issue with the technaflora kit. they show you what to do with teh veg and flow stage but then they have the seedling stage divided by "cutting stage" and "transplanting stage". so if i'm growing from seed, what is teh procedure? once the sprout breaks free you put it in the rinsed rock wool and let it sit in a 1/4 inch of 5.5 ph solution with no nutes right? then once the root pops out you put it in the reservoir with what solution? the transplanting solution? then switch to veg then flower? i'm just a little unclear of exactly how to get it from seed to veg using hydro (all my past grows have been soil so i didn't use nutes so this is all new to me)
  7. you are so right about their chart. I ended up using a germ. tray and 2tsp of root 66 and waited 7 days. after 7 days my seeds had sprout and had 1 root, but still did not think they was ready to be in my main system so I put them in my super cloner for 2 weeks and used the transplaning stage part of the chart it seems to be working for me right now.
  8. i wonder if we're using the same set up (supercloset?).... if so, how are you securing your aeration stones in the reservoir? i'm thinking about hot gluing mine,
  9. yes I am using supercloset deluxe 2.0 and with the aeration stones i just sat them in my reservoir they have not been moving so I been ok with them.

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