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  1. I have a small bedroom closet 4.5'l x 1.5'w x 5.5h. using the htgsupply 400w MH Conversion bulb for seedlings. I have 5 fans running. 2 fans bringing my cooler indoor air, 1 oscillating fan moving air around the closet, one 4" 80 cfm inline fan pulling air out of the closet to outdoors mounted on backwall 10" away from light, 1 small fan blowing on growing area. best way i can describe air flow is in from bottom right, out top left. I have tried 2 different style thermometers, digital and analog. Digital readings vary from 84 degrees to 94(with door closed). OK..finally the question....these temps seem very high compared to how the actual air FEELS. Grow area seems to resemble more like 75 to 80, definatley not close to 94! anything im missing, or is this a common issue, or, is how it feels misleading. Its rather confusing because i can hold my hand(palm down) under the light and not get the slightest discomfort due to heat. help greatly appreaciated! hate to see them go down (in flames!) before they start.
  2. That sounds great:) I have almost exactly the same setup! 1 huge fan directly on the 600w bulb and 2 smaller ocilating the air like you.. temperature should be somewhere around 75-85f, mine are around 27 celsius ( it's 81 f ). Mine white widows are 4 weeks and 1 day old from sprouting now! How old are yours? Are you also growing from soil? I'm a first time grower so, thats why It's great someone else grew same plants at the same time :) hope for the best luck of you.. and be careful to not over watering those plants.. I nearly whiped them out, bacause of that!! //ClubCueCas
  3. I planted the seed monday morning and they are just now starting to poke through. Im using soil. The babies are starting in small peat pots using 2 parts black peat and 1 part perlite. Organic is the way im going. Since my closet is so small im only starting 4 plants in hope 2 get 2 females to grow, as space will only allow. had the closet door shut last night(even i have 2 sleep sometime;) and again the temp skyrocketed to 100 degrees, ouch.
    however, the soil 4 the plants and the area around them still "seemed" confortable. by touch, the pots and soil feel quite cool. Im starting to think that my homedepot digital thermometer might be getting hot inside and causing a false reading, though im no expert. any help with the thermometer readings would be much appreaciated.
  4. I run my room at 79--- all the way to 91 its not bad for the plant to be a little high in temp, and I have great success. Im in my 3rd grow now and used to work so hard to get that room 70 to 79 and was going out of my mind. Now that I just let it do its thing, It seems to just grow better. Its all about air circulation and ventalation.
  5. yeah, it has been driving me up da wall! but like u said they seem to be growing good. on 4th day since planting seeds( i germinated them in distilled water untill they sank, around 24 hours)and all 4 are peaking up at me. So, i guess i shouldnt let it bother me too much.........:<
  6. its very hot where I live so my plants are around 90-95 degrees and they can survive but it is slowing their growth.

    100 is too high. its because of your 400W bulb. it probably really is the temp. the thermometer doesnt lie.

    from where does the entire room gets its fresh air?

  7. Ok, sound great with organics!? Myself, just doing like they said to me here on GC.. 15% perlite 15% Vermeculite and 60% soil and then a thin laier of 5-10% Leca in the bottom of the pots, It realy helps.. to drain.:)
    100 deg.f sounds warm, try to let the closet be a bit open, I do so untill with my shedule for now.. untill they are going into blom.. erly morning untill late night... to avoid that the outside sun will disturbe those crops :) works well for now, and cooling down it some 17-25 deg.f. = just to have the door open! When bloming times comes There is a possibility to just throw in a frosen bottle or 2 in the closet.. to keep it cold untill morning! Just went the closet out and let the HPS get cold before closing the doors (frosen water bottles in there 2). Yes, same problems here, I have 2 digital thermometer's and 1 is inside the closet with the "out sensor" in the vegg area and the station close to the lamp, while the other one is outside the closet with the wire part inside close to the pots(almost at floor). That works great, try it out and you want get missreadings. Keep it up :)// ClubCueCas
  8. thanx for the replies! frozen water bottles is what i will try next. i only have a problem with high temps when i close the door to go to bed. right now i am getting air in the closet by a huge hole at the bottom right wall(approx. 1' x 1' hole) that leads to my hallway linen closet. It is a very open area in the hallway, I can feel the air being sucked in the closet. i have a fan in the hallway with a duct hose sealed on it pulling cold air from an air vent through the hole and the duct end is behind a small fan blowing on the grow area. I try 2 open widows in my house everyday to bring in fresh oxy. Good idea with the thermometer, definitely will try that. Question: where should i place the bottles to get the best benefit? also what size of bottles will do the job?

  9. Place them somewhere close or behind a fan or so, dont think it does so much change where they are placed, accept that they do help cooling down enviorment/closet a bit :) Size dont know exactly! i have 2 1,5 litres bottles ( it's like 2 bottles of those big plastic coke cola bottles ). I have 4 of them, using 2 of them in the room .. willst the 2 others are in the fridge, so There is always some ready when I need :) and they can "also" be used as (clean/not ph tested, but better then taking it directly from tap) water to poor on the plants when they have become in the same temperature as the room. I ment that they are oxidating nearly all the badly clor out of them, if you are using tap-water! Just take of the bottle cork and let it stand in there for a day or so. God luck. / ClubCueCas
  10. oh yeah, didnt mention... watch out for humidity so it doesnt gets to high in there so you get funges..that is IF you take of the lid of the bottle!! works well for me so I dont see any problems.. and we both have almost the same grow area and same plants! Hope for the best of luck.
  11. another question i have is about neem oil. i found a really good premixed neem oil in a spray bottle but the directions are really sketchy. I was needing to know how soon after planting can i use it. ive already seen a tiny red spider(probley from the black peat sitting outside the local feed and seed shop) running 'round the peat pots...basterdz....i wanna jump on this before it becomes serious. seeds started sprouting up today, no leaves out yet. should i start yet or do i need to wait. dont want spiders, but dont want to kill them spraying too early either.........thknx n advance......

  12. Sry Dont know anything about that.. but here I have a link to a thread that might help you, in your growing?! I use it to se symthoms of sick plant.. and to adjust my own plant's! Theres god pictures here. -> http://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=11688

    And I forgotten to say that It's possible to bild your own cool tube, if your short stacked.. I'm thinking about of doing so myself.. insteed of paying 120 bucks where I live. Here is the link. -> http://www.costa-del-soerik.nl/1432.htm

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