1st Grow vegetation growth problem. please help

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    I planted 4 fruity chronic juice seeds in potting soil 10 days ago. Im using a Super HPS 400 watt, placed approximately 16inched above the tops of the seedlings. After 10 days it seems the rate of growth is lackin. They are each about 2-3 inches tall and developing their 2nd-3rd set of leaves. i have only been watering occasionally as i do not want to overwater. I have a fan constantly blowing and the temps are in the low 80s. How can i help to speed up the growth?
  2. I'm far from an expert but noone else answered, check your heat and humidity of your canopy or the tops of the leaves... Your humidity (i think) should be 40-60% in veg, pretty sure its lower for flower.. and the temp should be between 70 and 80 degrees. If its not either of those things, and you have them in solo cups or an appropriate sized pots, you might not have them in the right soil. I've used Fox Farm ocean Forest and so far had great results. You can get it on amazon pretty easy. From what I can tell, soil and light are the most important things for a newb to get right, so I invested in the good stuff from the start. After that trouble shooting, just sit back and watch the grass grow :) good luck to ya!
  3. Im no expert myself but soil is very important. I also use FF ocean forest but I mix it 50/50 with happy frog base. Otherwise doesnt sound like to much to worry about, may try feeding them a very, very light grow nute. Good luck

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