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1st grow using UFO quad band and 1 42watt CFL

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lasvegas88, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Hey guys this is my first post and my first grow I've been looking through all the forums for a while now and decided to go with auto flowering feminzed lemon haze seeds, ffof soil, general hydroponics 3 piece kit, 90 watt ufo quad band and 1 42 watt CFL using a 20/4 light cycle. Im only growing one plant mainly because of space and i thought by just doing one my first time it will be alittle easier to just focus on one. Its about 3 days old. Any advice would be great just dont be a dick about it lol

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  2. Ehh you could probably get by with just the CFL for a week or so until that lil sprout has some size. Ocean forest comes hot out of the bag so you shouldn't need any nutes for at least a few weeks. Don't try to give it flowering nutes until it has started to flower on it's own.
  3. Get a reflector for that CFL, either homemade or a simple one from walmart, and put it much closer.
  4. Spun so your saying i should not use the ufo for about a week? and s7 yea it came with one ill get one and put it closer i was just worried it might get too hot. preciate that guys
  5. Do you have a temp/humidity meter yet? I don't really worry about heat much with veg to be honest. With CFL and LED you definitely want to keep the lights maybe 1' away tops. I keep a T5 HO that I use for veg and keep that about 1-2" from my doesn't really have any penetration after about 1' but your 90w LED probably has a lil better penetration (maybe 2'???)
  6. No i do not have a temp/humidity meter but i will. I just picked up a digital ph tester.I moved both the CFL and the LED closer the CFL is about 7 in away and I lowered the LED about 1 1/2 feet away illlower it some more thanks
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    Ok guys im about 9 days into my first grow. I was just wondering if its too early to give nutrients? and are my lights at a good distance? i apreciate any help

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  8. I'd go based on how much the plant is growing on a day to day basis. When I feed my plants I notice an immediate difference and then they don't grow as much until the soil drys out and I water/feed again. You might want to start with half strength mixing ratio, but it honestly looks like that plant could use some nutes, doesn't seem like it's growing much.

    Personally I'd probably drop that LED to where it's only 3-4" from the top and not use the CFL at all until the plant branches out enough to where there is some lower branches not receiving light...probably after it gets up to 1'+ with topping ;)
  9. Its too early to give it nutes yet. each seed has enough stored energy for it to grow for three weeks. If you give it nutes now it would just shrivell up and die. When its three weeks old it would be large enough and strong enough to be fed. Any earlier and it will cause an anti- osmosis effect. I grew a lowryder 2 and didn't feed that until the 3rd week from it sprouting.
  10. Just a quick question guys i can see the tip of the root at the drainage holes on my pot. os it time to transplant into a bigger container or should i wait a little while longer?
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    Ok guys im about day 17 into my first grow so far so good I just satarted giving them nutes at 1/4 stregth they seem do be doing great. I recently transplanted them into a larger container and added another cfl. Im gonna get rid of the y conector so i can put the reflector back on

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  12. Eventually you will want to add more CFL's. I have a 90w UFO was good all the way up until half way through flowering just wasn't enough...threw in a Blackstar 240 and lady jumped back into flowering.

    For your nutes 3-4 weeks after planting is usually when you'll need them with Fox Farm Soil.

    For CFLs i never use a reflector just Y adapters. For CFLs to be effective need to be about 2-4 inches away from the plant. You'll want to add a couple so you have more coverage.
  13. Thanks man how many more of the 40 watt cfls do you think i will need?
  14. [quote name='"lasvegas88"']Thanks man how many more of the 40 watt cfls do you think i will need?[/quote]

    I'd have one or two on each side there pretty cheap on a y connector
  15. thanks. do yall use molassis? and if so do you just add it straight in with the water everytime?

  16. With the water and nutes if you use it.
  17. Just wanted to post some updated pics Im on day 23 everythings is going great i added another cfl.

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  18. Make sure you keep those CFLs 2-4 inches away preferably not further then about 6 and adjust them as out grows. If a CFL is not kept close its usefulness as a grow light is about zippo. The grow spectrum that it projects out drops to about zero.

    Looking good!!!
  19. Here are some more pics at 1 month

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