1st grow, This is basement is what im workin with, Advice? Tips? :D

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  1. Hey all, i recently put a deposit on this rental house, and the basement is where ill be having my ladies grow, i have so many q uestions but will limit them because alot of my questions can be answered as i keep reading.

    I am worried about this basement because of bugs, See the concrete only goes about 4 1/2 feet on the ground and the surrounding goes into the foundation under the house, i plan on putting a Tarp perhaps? To keep anything large out, Wood/Sheetrock, SOMTHING.

    I am Wanting to Grow Hydro, Am i going to have to worry about bugs? - Im looking to have a system where i can harvest quick, but i want Quality and show my friends what a bag of bud looks like without the seeds, haha, So i want to always be harvesting, But not ignoring the sweet taste and potency of my bud.

    See, i planned on growing soil, but until i read up on Hydro, seems like it suits me more.

    Anyhow- This is my Space im working with, unfortunatly i didnt get the measurments, its a wierd room, has a water heater, taking out a Quater of the room.
    Please excuse the Spray paint, its how it came.

    Lets see , i am a very short dude, i am like 5'4 5'5 , and the ceilling goes another 10 inches...

    So some additional Info..

    My problem is figuring out what kind of hydro system i want, Drip system or EB & flow, im not sure, is th ere a site with the pro's and cons?

    Money is limited, i can spend a few 100, not including the lights, - Not sure about the strain yet.

    once i DO find a strain i like, im gonna be getting some mothers [​IMG]

    Thanks everyone, i will keep reading!

    Excuse me for the damn Spray paint, this is how it was - ill be painting this

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  2. Sounds like you're set to make a grow room. To answer your questions:

    Every grower has to worry about bugs. Keep some neem oil on hand.

    Screw drip and ebb/flow. Make a bubble bucket. There's only one moving part that can fail and little maintenance compared to the previously mentioned set ups.

    Don't spend money on seed genetics until you've successfully grow bagseed. No need to waste money.

    Find a grow cabinet design you like and build one to suit your purposes. It's easier when everything is in one self-contained unit, and you'll get better light penetration with close reflective walls.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply Hashamn!, i was Really concerned about the bugs, because the foundation of the house is easy access to my room, but ill read more how to defend crop from bugs :D

    When you say make a bubble bucks, what exactly do you mean ? Sounds me like one bucket would just suit one plant?

    What is a good way to grow 1-3 pounds every month or 2?

    Looking to produce quite abit of bud, both Quality but Quanity, and Hydro seems to be the road i will take.

    Im willing to spend around 300-500 bucks to get this started, ive been reading..Still dont quite get the PH and all the chemicals, but i got a good solid month to set up my room and stuff before i get the babys in Growth.

    One last thing, when you say i need to get a grow box, Do you mean for my mothers and my little clones once i get Established? Can they be on the same light cycle? i think i would put them under CFL and Flour's.

    Thanks again!
  4. Mqay i might add, ill be using a 600 watqt HPS Lamp, I figure that with that high of a Wattage, i can place it on top of the cieling, and never worry about moving the lamp i spose?

    I want to be growing quite abit of bud to produce a few pounds every 2 months if possible?
  5. if you're looking to produce that much you're going to need to find a strain that produces a high yield which is relatively easy to grow. Also, one 600W HPS may not be enough for these high yields. 1000W + may be useful...
  6. I am kind of worried about Venting - Although the basement would most likley be the collest part of the house, a 600-1000 Watt HPS lamp is alot of Heat, lol

    There is however a basement window, with 3 glass small windows, i planned on covering this up so people cant look in, But anyone have any suggestions? i could board it up so nothing could be seen, im just not sure how to vent the basement good enough..

    How about Hydro systems? What would best fit my situation?

    See, i want to have a little operation going, where i could have some plants in the clone stage, some in Veg, some in flower, im not sure if this is possible with hydro, but if hydro will give me larget yields and quicker harvest, mabey i can make up for the time ?
  7. Ok, so now we get to the core of things. I should have asked you what you wanted the room to do first off. I highly recommend you head to NORML and check out your state laws. Now, assuming you can swallow the risk of a very large felony charge for growing such large quantities, let's do a little math. Indoor hydroponically grown plants will yield 2-5 ounces per plant normally with a 60 day finish time from clone. Let's pick an average of 3.5oz of plant (there's no way a novice grower will reach this unless they're extraordinarily lucky). That's five plants for a pound total. With a recommended minimum of 10,000 lumens per plant... an average 400w HPS puts out ~50,000 lumens. That's a half pound a month. Double the plants on a staggered harvest... you now have ten plants, ten buckets, two 400w HPS lights and ballasts... just to produce a single pound a month.

    That's a cost of near $350 in just bubble buckets. Your budget will not reach your goal. Now then, wisen up a bit. Why do you need pounds every month? Why so willingly take the risk of getting a lifetime sentence for growing pot? I don't honestly care what your reasoning is, but I will say you do not have the appropriate location for doing such an act. If you want pounds, the only way to do it on that budget is wait until next season and organize a 30-100 plant guerilla grow outdoors somewhere. If you want to keep yourself in personal smoke with minimum risk, minimum cost, and maximum yields just set up a simple two plant ScrOG.

    Right then, rant over, back to matters at hand.

    A 600w HPS bulb on the ceiling won't provide enough light for the early stages of growth. I forget the exact numbers but for each foot distance there's 75% less lumens that reach the plant.

    Talking about plants in different stages again exponentially increases the costs outside of your budget. You'll need different lighting for each plant growth stage, and then each of those grow chambers needs to be separately sealed for light leaks.

    This isn't advice so much as a plea for the sake of your sanity and wallet: read every single sticky in the marijuana growing section. Within those you'll find answers to questions you didn't know you had. Marijuana cultivation isn't something one jumps into. It's a very meticulous process with many pitfalls. Slow your horses and do some learning before you set any grand scheme into motion
  8. words of wisdom, Perhaps i cant get the harvest i want, is 1-2 pounds a month reasonable?

    if i have the space to grow 10-15 plants, my darn i will! :D
  9. I don't mean to piss on your parade, but aren't you worried about the fact that it's a rental house, therefore your landlord has keys to your place and can come and inspect the property anytime he/she feels the need?

    It's not like you're growing in a little closet which can be hidden. A beasement is something your landlord may need access to. Just keep this in mind to be safe....;)
  10. Cant they come in when only me or my wife are around ?
  11. no they just arent allowed to go throught any of your shit

    if they smell weed
    or see tons of light by sight or electric bill

    their gonna know
  12. A landlord should always give you a call and let you know when they need to access the property...but sometimes they might just show up and knock.

    Of course they aren't allowed to go through your stuff....I'm just saying that you aren't going to be able to relocate an entire grow at a moment's notice if your landlord needs to go down into your basement for some reason.

    I'm not trying to discourage you, I'm just saying that you need to realize that in no uncertain terms....your landlord owns the property....if he ever wanted to sneak into your basement without your knowing to poke around...he could do that and then make up an excuse why he "needed" to go down there.

    Also, keep in mind that if this property belongs to a property management company, there may be more than a handful of people out there with the keys to your place and some of them may be be nosy or not entirely trustworthy.

    I'm just encouraging you to be ultra smart and protect yourself...even if it means reducing the scale of your grow to ensure it's remains undetected.

    Good Luck! :)
  13. Your hot water and is that a furnace too, is located in the basement.

    Anything goes wrong w/ these things while ur not home, the landlord has 100% legal rights to enter the house to correct a mechanical problem.

    Either wall off your grow, use a cab or don't grow. IMO renting w/out being able to secure your grow is a bad idea.
  14. Short and to the point...well said! :)
  15. oh you better belive if i will be locking the door to the basement, and only i will have the key
  16. OK...I think you're kinda missing the whole point here....YOU DON'T OWN THE PROPERTY.

    You can't just put a lock on someone else's basement and play dumb if they want/need to access the property.

    You're just a tenant in the house....if you do anything suspicious, the owner has a right to investigate.

    I don't want to make any assumptions here about your age or experience, but I strongly suggest you re-think your plans.

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