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    I am finally getting a tent to grow. After years of sitting by windows, moving around the patio for best sun light, and growing in closets during flowering to regulate the light, life is hopefully getting more simple. I did read the ventilation thread which was helpful in identifying hardware and provide me with just information to make me second guuess the equipment purchase plans I had. I am hoping to get some advice on what hardware the experienced tent growers on Grasscity would use.

    My setup for growing one plant at time...
    Grow tent: 32x32x63. Link is the exact tent I purchased.
    Lighting: 250w hooded CFL with supplemental 23w CFL side/lower lightening. Link is not the exact light but closest I can find.
    Fan: 8" oscillating clip on fan. Exactly what I picked up for the grow tent.

    What I seem to be reading is that a 4 to 6 inch inline fan will be needed. Most recommendations I have read say 400-500 CFM inline fan would be best for scaling up in the future.

    Odor is not a concern so I can bypass a carbon filer. I live by myself and nobody is within 100 yards in either direction of my house. 1 plant is all I do at a time so the odor has never bothered me or drawn any attention even when party hosting.

    In the closet I have flowered my past plants in, the temperature with the same lights is between 75-85 depending on the temperature outside and my home's AC/heat settings. I am not sure how much this will change with a tent where the seal is surely to be tighter than a closet with bi-fold doors.

    All of this said, I would like to get feedback on two things.

    1.) What type of ventilation equipment would you purchase that would be best practice?
    2.) What type of ventilation equipment would you purchase that would be most effective on budget grow?

    I ask for both because I find what is best for me is normally in the middle of what is recommend and what the bare requirement for success would be. I have no plans on purchasing 500 dollars in "high-tech" ventilation but I also don't want to end up with half working/efficient setup. If I don't need it, I don't want it would be the best way to state it.

    I assure you that I am fairly ignorant in regards to what is needed for a grow tent to be properly ventilated. Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if I can provide any additional information.

    Forgive any typos. I only had a couple of minutes to get this going and did not proof read.
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    I am aware the HPS lighting will produce tighter buds and speed up my grow. I have had these lights for years and I have zero complaints about them. I typically get 4-5 ounces, dried, with them and that is more than enough for just me. Maybe when the lights I have are no longer cost effective or the hood breaks I will upgrade. For now I am only interested in upgrading as needed. The tent has been purchased to ease the burden of shifting the plants to different places throughout the grow.
  3. You won't have a ton of heat and your tent is not very big so you're not going to need a very powerful fan. I have a 4x4 and use a 450-475 cfm inline, but I keep it on almost the lowest possible speed setting.
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  4. Nice. So just the inline fan and the clip on fan should do a fair job if I am reading this response correctly. That helps.
  5. Yeah pretty much. I don't know how much or how little you know so I just wrote this as simple as I could make it:

    Hang the inline fan from the top of your tent (use bungee cords to hang it, no vibrations from fan that way). Use ducting to exhaust through the hole in upper part of the tent (connected to the inline fan obviously) then either:
    *open the vent flaps at the bottom as a passive air intake (these will obviously let light through if the tents not in a dark place)
    * Or run a few feet of ducting through the lower holes in the tent (if it has them)(neither end attached to anything), bend the ducting 90° and it should be pretty much light proof, while still allowing cool air to be pulled into the tent (from the negative pressure the inline creates)

    A speed controller for it (or built in) is very very nice to have.
    Aside from that, I just have a small 4" desk fan inside to keep the air moving.
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  6. Extemely helpful. Thanks for the quick and well thought out responses.
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  7. Go for a better quality inline fan with built in speedcontroller hyper fan etc. You wont regret it.. also go to wally world and buy a $12 black carbon furnace filter, cut it to fit your sq. Passive vents and stick them over your vents really helps with light leak.,,
  8. I might do a journal of it. I have yet to do a complete journal so maybe with the tent it will be time to do one.
  9. 4-5 zips with a big cfl....if that was possible we would dump all our HID fixtures! Could you post some pictures of your grow space? If this is a legit yield I'd really like to see how you did so, genuine curiosity.

    Just checked out the link for your light. 70 bucks for a cfl?!?! That's just insane, definitely the least efficient use of money, and electricity. If they were in the 12-15 dollar range I could see an argument for bunch of em, just not 70 for one CFL.
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    It's not hard man. You keep adding more lights has needed. That is about average for the 5 month grows I have been doing. The plant does get about 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day. It is not all CFL all day long. The plant in my picture was one of my first and was about 2.5 dried. It is was just under 3 foot tall when done. Colas as fat as the bulbs.
    That 70 was for the hood and all. The actual bulbs are not that pricey.

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