1st grow Super Silver Haze...HELP please

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  1. Hi everyone. Looking for a little bit of help here if you can.

    Have 5 SSH plants on day 10 of veg. They're under a 400w MH about 16'' above the plant tops. Running Lucas Formula at 1/3 strength (0-3-6/gal) and the PH is 5.9 at 280ppm. Temp is 72degrees at 76% humidity. Two of the plants have top leaves that are starting to droop drastically and it has me worried. I suspect over watering so I've cut down the 15min drip from every 8hrs to every 12hrs and will see how they react. Does this sound right to you, or am I misdiagnosing?
    Also, a third plant is showing some minor dots on the top leaves that I believe might be from the light or nute-burn.
    The first 3 pics are of the drooping leaf plants. The 4th pic is the one with the spots. Sorry about the quality, had to use my phone. Will try to snap some better ones if requested.

    Thanks for the help.

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  2. good choice on the ssh great plant very good smoke plants are coming along nicely

    move the drip feeder or your stem will rot and plants will die lucas formula will cause leaves to curl it is normal might wanna pick up some cal/mag u will need it
  3. Thanks, man. I'm just chalking this grow up to a learning experience but would like to try and get some decent weight out of it. I've heard Cal/Mag is useful to have handy when running the Lucas Formula but I wasn't sure if I'd need it. I'll pick some up and if I don't get this worked out playing with the light/nutes I'll see if that gets the job done.

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