1st Grow, Super Cheap Grow Box with 2 CFL

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    Hey Guys I've been keeping updates of my plants in other section, so from now on will be here, go to my Thread of Grow Box so you can see my plants and then subscribe to this one so you can see the whole process with a MegaLow Budget and prove some people wrong, that in fact you can grow what we like easy and inexpensive.
  2. Update Day 6 in the Grow Box.

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  3. that looks pretty nice for day 6 , i just put my little seed in its grow box yesterday ..

  4. Good Man, take pics and let me know so we can track our progress and help each other
  5. Update Day 7

    Ok Guys, this is Day 7 with just 2 CFL 27Watts and the plants are growing bigger by the second, actually one of them looks like is on steroids getting big by the minute, I have not give them fertilizer or nutes yet, I got plant food (Miracle Grow) I will give in one week, what you think guys ?

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  6. What strand are you using ?

  7. Is a BagSeed I didn't want to invest $$$ in good seeds, not until I learn, afetr this experiment I will buy some good seed, any suggestion on easy to grow seeds ?
  8. Update Day 8

    Day 8 in the Grow Box with 2 CFL 27Watts Daylight Spectrum

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  9. doesnt look like youve a fan on them, id suggest putting one on them.

    27 watts aint enough for 2 plants. It may and i stress may be enough for right now but when they get bigger it just aint gonna cut it im afraid, any plans for expanding the lighting a bit ? Never used CFL's so i'll leave recommendations up to other people.

    How far away is that current bulb ?

  10. Thanks for the feedback, the lights are about 2 inches away from the plant, the box has 2 holes and the fan is outside, but thanks that I like my house cold the temp has not been an issue so far, but thanks for stopping by.
  11. for the fan i didnt mean intake or outtake, i meant an oscilating fan blowing on the plants, it acts like a natural wind, strengthens the stems, and promotes more even air temps, aswell as circulating the air itself in the grow room (all important things)

  12. Oh ok, nope I dont have one of those cuz am growing in my bathroom cuz I have kids and they like to ask a LOT ! I just want to learn how to do it and then invest in something more fancy, but i saw ur pics very nice plants
  13. Lookin good man! I just finished my grow box last night and got my seeds germin right now :)

    Looking good though:D

  14. for now yeah ... il update when they grow bigger ... the 1 to the right kinda looks dead .. i have w 26 watt daylight and 2 27 watt daylight
  15. ah ok, when ur upgrading, an oscilating fan is needed, aswell as a pH meter, saucers for underneath the pots .... theres lots of things that'll make your grow much more smoothly, and your better off buying bits here and there throughout this grow, rather than having to buy everything in bulk at the start of the next grow! Just some food for thought, best of luck man
  16. Update Day 9

    I just watered the babies this morning and I took a few pics for you guys, I already bought 4 26Watts CFL Soft White for the flowering stage, and to save some money and use more light for my babies i replaced the lights bulbs of my whole house for CFL's and I'm saving so much in wattage that am considering putting HPS ! (just kidding) well guys some pics.

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  17. What happen to ur plant ?

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