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  1. Here are some pics from my first grow. I've had the biggest plant 12/12 for a week now and I switched the rest last night. I underwatered the bad looking ones except for the stunted growth one which I'm not sure what happened with it.

    They've been in soil close to 4 weeks. They started offf doing great and then it went to shit because I underwatered.

    Right now I have 4 23W 2700K CFLs with 4 23W 6500K CFLs on the outside.

    Tips and constructive criticism appreciated.

    Also are those preflowers coming in on the first few pics of the big one?

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  2. um...i think its time to start over. and autoflowers dont have to be switched to 12/12. They will do better under 24/0
  3. lol i assume you didnt do research very well.

    those plants are dead man.

    you need pots for plants not cups,

    they are good starts but thats it.

    umm yea as he said its time to start over man.

    try to salvage a clone or two and go again and you might get more llucky
  4. ^dunno what that guy is talkn about. cups are fine. you need to water them tho.
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    There are 3 plants that are alive for sure. 2 that look good (1 that looks real good, did you guys even look at the pics?) and 1 that is ok and 2 that are pretty damn bad but still getting new growth. I'm not starting over yet. I really did fuck up underwatering them so badly. I'm pissed at myself for that.

    Who said anything about auto flower?
  6. might wanna get bigger pots tho. 5gal bucket. 3gal works too. tat way roots have space
  7. Yikes... if they aren't dead there, they are well on their way... I would start over now. If that's all they've grown in a month, so thing is wrong. Fix it and start over...

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    Well put.
    At the Minimum you should be running 16/8, but 24/0 is the best. You should start walking down your light time as you get closer to budding, ending up with a 12/12 (dependent on strain) cycle. It is also important to ensure that the dark cycle is just that wit no light getting in. As for the size of your "pots" you'll end up with root bind issues and a stunted plants producing poor heads. I also think you may be trying to grow too many plants in such a small space. I'd recommend growing 2 plans in that space, but tying down your stem from an early age and growing it horizontally. you'll end up with all your branches growing nice crownies.
  9. First, see if you can salvage any of the healthiest plants. You may be able to rejuvenate them.

    At the same time, I'd start a new grow and - unless you're following a SOG strategy - plan on growing your ladies up to about 18" before flowering them. You'll get a better yield.

    There's plenty of good advice to be found in this forum. Do your research, keep a close eye on your watering habits, and you'll turn out some smokable bud in several months.

    Good luck!
  10. Here they are a week later. Just transplanted them the day before yesterday. The bigger ones are looking good and the small one is getting much healthier.

    Those shots of the preflowers are the biggest one. It is looking like a girl right? Hopefully no hermies.

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    much improved ladies man. keep it up.
  12. We got some bitches up in here.

    Keep it up.

    Grats on those ladies.
  13. I wasn't ready to give up on my girl(s hopefully). :bongin:
  14. Here is a new pic

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  15. Usaully id trust Loki. He knows his shit. But I think he was wrong on this one. Your plants look plenty healthy to me. Ive definitely seen worse. Keep it up man. And my plants are in the same stage as yours So its pretty fun to compare the grows :D
  16. [​IMG]

    Plenty healthy? Really? Here's a growing tip for you... Brown crispy leaves = Bad

  17. Dude, some were dead but I saved 3. Stuck with it and got a pretty girl.

    Had to get rid of the other big one, it was a dude. Too bad cause it was the healthiest one. Transplanted the small one. It is looking much better I think it might make it back.

    Haters want to hate, but I got at least one girl. Considering the lack of time I've been able to devote and it is my first try I'd say I'm doing alright. Not sure why everyone was so quick to tell me to quit on them.
  18. Here is some pistil shots of the female and some nut shots. It was sad to have to remove it since I had nursed it back to health but the stress might have caused the balls.

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  19. How many of those four pulled thru? I'm not a hater... I'm just calling em like a see em... And those four plants look pretty bad in that pic. If you saved any of them, mad props to you, because I would have tossed them in the garbage.


    The pics now look like really happy plants...

  20. 2 of the 4. One probably went male because of the stress. I really didn't take very good pictures of the healthiest one on that first post. I know I fucked up. I under watered. Small fuck up, but it cost me.

    I'm confident though in my ability as long as I don't try to get cute. I was trying to train them and stretch their roots. Too ambitious for a first grow.

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